Whoo! I totally didn’t know about this… I was trying to see if this new fancy blog of mine would show up on the net, so I googled myself! Lo and behold, I didn’t find this blog! I did, however, find links to my myspace and the City Times website… but also to the SPJ (Society of Professional Journalists, San Diego).

I got a second place award for best Regular Column – Print… The guy from The Daily Aztec beat me out, but hey, second place, that ain’t bad… They said that the guy, Devin Kunysz, has “a nice edge, which a good columnist needs, and a sense of image…”

I’m not sure what that means, but I guess I’m lacking edge, and I don’t have a good sense of image! But worthy enough for second place… Woohoo!

You know, I know our advisor sent us an email about this, but I think I accidentally deleted it and I never followed up with him about it.

Check out the 2008 SPJ Award Winners.  Our awards, for City Times (which we did win a few too), are under the College Media  section of the awards. Whoo, I’m getting some recognition out there… I need to keep up the good work!