So this is my first post on this new blog! Will I keep it up… I don’t know?

So far, I haven’t really told anyone about this blog! I’ll probably post the link on my myspace later…

Which is why I decided to get a new blog in the first place… I’ve been blogging in my myspace blog area for a few years now! Actually, I’ve probably been blogging there for about 3 or 4 years now! Really, has it been that long! Shit!

I think I started blogging when I was 18 or so… Perhaps 19!  I’m 23 now. In fact, I just turned 23 on the 7th of Feb. Whoopee! Whatever, so far so good. I do not fear getting old, I just fear not being successful later in life.

Anyways, yeah, I think I’ll be blogging here from now on! Am I spelling that correctly? Is it Blogging or Bloging? Hmm, I think it’s the two G’s one! Whatev! Anyways, I don’t really have anything in particular to write about right now!

Why don’t I just say a few things about moi since this is the starter entry!

For one, I like to write… Big whoop! I don’t know, I like to express myself through the pen, or keyboard in this case… I guess it’s just easier for me then “Sharing my feelings!”

I think I’ve been writing for a while now… I didn’t really find out that I really liked writing until the 12th grade in high school. Ms. May was the one that really turned me to writing. One of the best teachers I ever had. So honest and so cool too! Sigh, I miss her!

But yeah, writing: I like it!  I’m working on an English major now, but I think I want to go into Journalism later! I just don’t know what I want to do with that… I thought about going into magazine publishing, but I haven’t really researched all the fields of study for journalism… Right now I write for The City Times, the community college newspaper for City College in San Diego. So far it’s been good! I’m trying to enhance my writing skills though, so I’m not the best, but I get my ideas across. I’m a columnist there, so the column is called Live and Learn… I’ll post the link to the newspapers web page so that y’all can check out my articles. There should be one being published today, since the paper comes out today!

I need to start working on my new article too! Our next issue is coming out on St. Patty’s day, so I’m going to write about going green, environmentally that is! As luck would have it, I’ve gone green, in a matter of speaking, because I don’t have any other choice right now… But it’s going good… More on that later!

Grr, I guess I should get back to work. Until next time… I need to find something interesting to write about! Bleh! Money, sex and alcohol are always a crowd pleaser… Unfortunately, I don’t have much money, I’m not really drinking and my sex life is… Ok, I guess I do have a sex life, but again, I’ll save it for next time! Pickle picking, that’s all I’m saying for now! Ha ha!