Man oh man, so many good things in just so little time… Where to even begin!

I won’t stick to specific topics on this one… I have so much going on right now, that I’m pretty much all over the place, which will reflect in my writing I guess!

Anyways, a lot of good things have been going on lately, some more exciting and good newsy than others, but I won’t elaborate… Ha ha, Louie give it, Louie take it away…

School has been going pretty well… Making new friends, eeshk! Ha ha… Yeah, no comment on that one. It’s best to just live it alone. I’ll reserve the conversations of making friends with Said. He knows what, or who, I’m talking about. Which brings me to his funny ass joke.

NOOO!!!!! Unfortunately, as I was going through my text message inbox, it has been deleted! Sigh! It was so fucking funny too! Something about someone’s milky way and my Aurora Borealis! Omg, classic! It was in refrence to my Astronomy class… Which is going awesome by the way… I bombed the first test, but I had missed a day of lecture and I had no idea we had to take a test when I got back the next week!

Anyways, school aside, my other projects are coming along swimingly! I’ve got a butt load of ideas… Ha, butt! But yeah, I was writting down a whole mess of stuff yesterday. I got a large flow in, ha, of ideas that I just had to write them down. It resulted in about 2 pages worht of material… Nice!

I’m needing to get cracking though on my other stuff. I have my going green article due at the end of the week and my Astronomy paper due tomorrow. I’m gonna work on that today though and turn it in when I get off from work so that I can just get that out of the way! I get off at 1 today! Whoo!

I’m still learning how to use this blog website, but so far I like it, so that’s good! I want to learn how to insert some pics on here so that I can make it a little more colorful! I know the peoples like to look at pretty pictures <inser pretty picture here> but I’m working on getting some!

Anyways, I’ve been debating with myself if I wanted to give something up for 40 days! I thought really hard about it… And I conluded that I don’t think I can, I don’t think I should, and I don’t really think I want to! I had initially considered giving up junk food, which that right there is sin enough for me, but I just couldn’t go without my cookies and chips and all that yummy goodness! Then I though, ok, why don’t I give up soda and juices! But as I got into work today I had two services of apple juice! So that idea went out the window! Then I said, why don’t I give up coffee! THE HELL I AM! I thought about that one for what felt like 2 seconds too long!

One of my classmates told me that he grew up going to catholic churches, and so that now instead of giving something up, he gives something away… Like volunteer crap or whatever. I wanted to do something for 40 days this year, but I’m too selfish to give anything up, so I’m defintely not going to volunteer! I guess I’ll just skip this whole 40 days thing until I feel more disciplined! BLEH!

Anyways, we went to the bar last night, me and Said, for some Mardi Gras celebration! You know, I figured it would be more exciting than just four people at the bar, which is kind of sad, but it wasn’t! It was pretty… Bleh! Got to see Jen though, which I haven’t seen in forever! Cracks me up!

The night itself was a crack up though! I mean, c’mon… Yellow Spandex Short shorts! Ugh! Spare me the effort! But yeah, it was an ok night! I was just too tired to really care to be there!

We went and got ourself some horny Mexican food to that Mexican food place where we always get made fun of by the cooks! Fucking cocky ass assholes! Ha ha! But the food is good, so we keep going back! And I’ve been going htere for like what feels like years now!

Anyways, I’ll write about my other more relevant important stuff later on in the week! For now I need to start writing my other crap!

P.S: I’m looking into tapping back into the Louie of old days! Only with a lot more control than before! Do I want too! Hmm! I’ve been so tempted to do so! I’ll take another few weeks to think about it! These next few weeks are going to be a little mellow, I can tell, so it gives me plenty of time to think if I want to go back to my old crazy, outlandish, outragous, uninhibited slutty whorey self! Geesh, when I put it like that, who wouldn’t want to go back to that! S ounds like a tag line for a new Scary Movie franchise movie! Ha ha!