I was so fucking pissed off today! It has not been my day! Things are looking up though!

So I was at work and I didn’t really have much work to do because I finished early… I was so tired today though, I was literally falling asleep! I don’t even know where to start, ok, from the beginning, duh!

So I woke up at like 445am today! Why, I don’t know… So I turned over and tried to rest for the 15 minutes that it would take for my alarm to ring! So 5 comes and my alarm goes off… So I hit the snooze and chill for a bit! Well, my dumb ass ends up passing out and sleeping through my other two alarms… So my ass doesn’t wake up till like 657am! I have to be at work at 7! FUCK!

So I call in, tell them that I’m running late and that I will be there as soon as I can. I call the ma and ask if she could give me a ride to work and agrees! So I arrive at work at 745… Not too bad!

Later, she ask me about the training that I was supposed to go but didn’t because no body showed up! So she investigates! Turns out, the training started at 845am not 8am! I left the building of the training area at 830! Had I waited a lil bit longer I probably would’ve of made it! GRRRR!

Next, I was tired… So fucking tired at work… I was so bored with no real work to do that I was literally dozing off! I think I passed out at some point for what felt like an hour… I wish! In reality it was like 2 or 3 miserable minutes! Bah!

I get home, hoping to fix my stupid Internet connection… I had been having trouble connecting to my wireless network thingamajig, so I was gonna call tech support to get one of those bitches help me out! I get home, try to get to my room to get my laptop and my fucking door is LOCKED! LOCKED!!!!!!!!! How the fuck did I manage that piece of turd magic! FUCK!

So I’m there trying to open the door with the end piece of a screwdriver that I broke when trying to break into the phone box room at the back of our apartment building when I say fuck it, I’m breaking the door down! I was so close to do it when I did a little jiggle, a little tug, a few rotations and bam, the door magically opens! Tada!

Anyways, I get to fixing the wireless problem!

First Attempt: The guy tells me that there could be a problem or interference causing the lack of connectivity… So he suggest I move the modem and move these other thingamajigs and so I do! I try to connection like about a dozen times and it still won’t connect… So I say fuck it and I grab the Ethernet cable and connect and surf for a bit!

Said gets home, sits on the shitter and text me that he wants to use the web, so I decide to call tech support again and go for a second attempt!

Second Attempt: The guy tells me the same shit the other guy did for the first five minutes of our conversation… He sounded hot too (I like nerds… And at the time, I was horny!!!)! Anyways, we get to where I have to do some new steps to fix the problem… Just then, my laptop gets all episodical so I have to restart it! GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! Cutie was really nice and said that he’ll wait while I restart it so I do…

After five minutes I can finally take the steps cutie makes me take… He tells me that I should clear the network something something and shows me how to get there… I get there and I clear them bitches off. He explained the problem!

So what had happened was that my computer was being a confused bitch! Literally! There were all these networks, some multiplied, including my network, that was causing my computer to question it’s sexuality! My laptop was about to go ghey before I set this bitch straight and said “listen bitch, you need to connect to the network I tell ya too!”

So I deleted all the multiple copies and shit and reentered my network and tada! I am now here…

I’m still a little annoyed! But my stress level is going down. I can now breathe easier. Geesh, it’s just been a tough week for me! Too much to process! I just want the weekend to come so that I can sleep and unwind!

Anyways, I’m gonna go eat some cereal, that always makes me happy! I LOVE COCO KRISPIES!!!