Current Music: One Step At A Time By Jordin Sparks, Unstoppable by Kat DeLuna Ft. Lil Wayne, Just Dance by Lady Gaga, Torre De Babel by David Bisbal and SOHODOLLS

Current Mood: Too Fucking Full To Be Relaxed

Ok, so Sundays are usually my allowance days with food, where I can indulge in whatever I want whenever… Just because I allow myself an allowance though doesn’t mean that I should spend it as if I won’t use it again for the rest of the week! Geesh! I ate too damn much yesterday! I feel like a prized fucking heifer! I mean, c’mon, I woke up fucking full today! FULL! Bleh!

It was Claudia’s baby shower yesterday, and boys were allowed, so me and Said went! Ha ha! No comment!

Anyways, it was fun! Got to see Claudia in all her Prego glory… She looks all cute with that mother-to-be glow! All the baby stuff got me all mushy and in a baby mood! Don’t want one just yet, but I do want a child later on in life! Ha ha, it was funny when Said was talking about his bastard child though that he don’t have!

But yeah, it was nice… There was food though! And I ate it! There was pizza, so I had two slices of the cheese pizza, so good, with chips… I was drinking juice and soda the whole time too… From a Zippy Cup! Ha ha!

Anyways, then after a while, we had cake and ice cream… Yeah, I ate that too! And sometime aftewards I had another slice of cheese pizza! So all that food was filling enough… I was pretty good for most of the day… But then later on towards the night time I was getting a little hungry! Said wanted food too. So we talked it out for a bit and then decided on Mexican food!

I was gonna just have a bowl of cereal when I got home and be done with it… But Mexican food! YUM! So I went for it… Besides, it’s my Sunday so I told myself that I was allowed. Argh, I shouldn’t of allowed myself though! It was good while I was eating my bean and cheese burrito wet with sour cream on top with lettuce and a side of rice! I ate it all up! But now, I’m still full! And it’s a whole 13 hours later! BLEH!

I just had some mango/orange Naked juice for breakfast because I’m not about to have anything solid! BLEH!  I’ve been adapting new eating habits… I’m usually pretty good throughout the day, but the weekend can really throw me off! Like today! Argh!

But yeah, which brings me to the whole new workout regime… I’ve been doing workouts on my own here and there… I’ll do two sets of push ups every so often during work, for like about a total of anywhere between 60 and 100 push ups a day… In the morning after my shower I do my chin ups… I do ten now… Before I could only do 3! Whoo! And when I get home I do my curl ups! I do about 60 of those. I do stretches throughout the day too, so I’m maintaining active throughout the day!

I haven’t been doing much cardio however. I mean, I walk a lot, but that’s not enough to burn as much fat as I would want. I started riding my bike again today, so that’s good. I bought the pedal yesterday and I had tightened the breaks a while ago. So I’ll be doing that.

But I want to start running! I haven’t ran in a while. The crappy thing is, I would only run when I would go to the gym and on the treadmill. I don’t have my gym membership anymore though because I wasn’t going. I just figured I was going to be too busy to worry about or go to the gym… But now I wanna go… Grr!

Anyways, since I can’t make it to the gym, I’m doing the alternative. So starting this Tuesday, I’m gonna start running at the park! YAY! Ha ha!

So me and Ricky had been talking on Saturday and we both decided that we really want to get back in shape… Well, him back in shape and me in shape! I’ve never been this light in weight since I can remember! I’ve always been a little chunkette! So I’m gonna start working pretty hard on achieving this goal. So I’m hoping this will work!

Right now, my weight is between 155 and 160, but I want to bring it down to 150 by April 4th! I’m giving myself 5 weeks to loose some 5-10 pounds. Of course, I have to keep in mind that If I don’t loose the weight I might have gained muscle in it’s place. Which is why I think I fluctuate and have maintained my weight at below 160 for quite a while now… I mean, I do have muscle and I know I’m strong.

We were just talking about that yesterday too actually. Gaby was telling Natalie how I’ve picked her up multiple times when she was crunk. And I have, on more than one occasion. So at that point Natalie asks me to flex my arms… I do, only to reveal a small amount of muscle, lol! There’s muscle there, but it’s leaner, not like huge and shit like those guys at the gym. So my arms look pretty slender, but I told her that there’s muscle there and that I have a pretty strong core.

I do a lot a crunches and workouts that focus on the core… Curl ups, push ups, chin ups, all work on your core, and those are the work outs I do daily. So I look physically weak and fragile, but I’m actually muscle! Under this body fat there’s some muscle! Ha ha!

Grr, which is why I want to start running! I want to start burning my “baby” fat… I’ve had this fat since I was a chunkette baby… It’s followed me all this time and it’s time I bid adieu!

I hate feeling this full! I feel so uncomfortable! But yes, goal weight, 150 by April 4th! I think I can do it… But I’m going to have to push myself, both physically and mentally… I have to be really good about my diet!

I’m still allowing myself to have my naughty days on Sunday, but I have to remember moderation… I just couldn’t help it yesterday though! Pizza, Cake, Ice Cream, Bean And Cheese Burrito Wet With Sour Cream and Lettuce On Top And A Side Of Rice! Too good to resist! BAH!

About my diet… I’m still a vegetarian. Plan on sticking with it for a while too! I haven’t had any problems with it, and I actually like that my metabolism has sped up a lot! Also, the thing that has changed a lot and has helped me the most with my food intake is my schedule.

I work mornings now and it is so much easier to adapt to a healthier way of eating than when I worked nights! When I worked nights I was eating odd hours and I was hungry at later times… And then I had to go home and sleep! It doesn’t give much time for the food to process before bed… Anyways, it’s just easier to manage my diet now than it had been before.

I’m doing pretty good about that too! I still allow myself treats like cookies and chips though! I can’t cut those things out completely! But again, moderation! Moderation is key! So the race is on… 150 by April! Think I can do it?

I think I can, I think I can, I know I can!

P.S: I don’t have any naughty/allowance foods planned for this Sunday yet! Any ides?

P.P.S: I think I’m going to be tracking my progress on here as well. I remember hearing somewhere that it’s good to have a fitness journal. Now y’all will be able to read what I’m doing physically! Ha ha! Not all the details though… Anyone looking for a stretching partner? LOL!