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Ah yes, cheers cheers to making friends! In the most of unlikely places at that too! Ha ha! Fridays are usually my busy days, waking up at 5ishand shit and then heading out… Trying to stay awake at the end of the week while doing strenuous yet monotonous work can really make someone just want to pass out and die! Luckily, meeting new people and making friends at Public Service Work makes the day more bearable! Ha ha, yes, I’m doing community service bitches… It’s a long story really, but the short version is quite simple: DUI!!!

Ha ha… There I said… Now everyone will know! GRR! How embarrassing… But hey, shit happens when you party drunk right! Yeah, so  my drunk ass was stupid enough to get caught… It’s a series of unfortunate events that I don’t really want to get into again, so I’m just gonna write about what I was originally going to write about…


Ok, to be completely honest, it doesn’t suck as bad as people make it out to be… It’s just that it’s time consuming, expensive ($51 enrollment fee!!!) and pretty tedious if not tiring work. Making friends though, at least for the few people that actually do, is the good part of the day though. And really, it makes it more bearable!

I mean yeah sure, you’re befriending criminals and shit, but most of them committed stupid crimes (but still serious crimes kids) like dui’s, running red lights or getting caught throwing a ciggy out of your car window…. Yeah, some of them are pretty pathetic, but they all end up in the same place, Public Service Work! I’ll just call it psw from now on…

But hey, some of the people have some pretty interesting stories. Sometimes it all kind just sounds the same after a while though, but it’s entertaining to talk to all these different individuals! And some of them just make your day go by so much faster!

Like when I did my PSW in the beginning, I had a PSW buddy, her name was Francis, and she was pretty cool… We worked together almost all the time and she was pretty cool to talk to!  Then you meet other people like Jen, who was pretty fun to talk to…

Right now my new PSW buddy is Shannon! Ha ha, girl cracks me up! I swear, we talk about the most random shit, but we always end up laughing and just having a good time! And I mean, come on, it’s PSW, you need to laugh to get yourself through the day instead of being bored and tired out of your mind! At least laughing at yourself, and silly random shit (or other people) can help pass the time so much quicker!

Like today, we were planting some little plants that as Shannon pointed out already looked DEAD to begin with… We buddied up since we both get along so well, and the whole time was a crack up. I’m pretty sure people were getting annoyed by how much we talked and how constantly we were talking, but hey, we provided conversations that they were listening in on instead of them being bored and just doing the monotonous job of DIGGING!

Yes, we were DIGGING little holes to plant some shit dead plant like weeds in dry arid dirt! What kind of bull shit is that! We were tossing those little fuckers like nothing! Ha ha… Omg, you could totally tell apart the ones that everyone else were doing from Shannon’s and mine! Ha ha! Classic! Seriously though, good times!

I mean hey, I’m going to be miserable in PSW so I might as well make the best of it…

I think some people tried to pick on us but seeing as how we laughed it off they figured that we didn’t really cared about what they had to say so they just shut their trap and got back to work! Lovely!

Shannon: “You should make a riddle about that island thing”

Me: “What do you mean a riddle?”

Shannon: “I dunno, a riddle… Like, riddle!” *laughs*

Random guy: “Say something like ‘I’m stuck on an island and I’m really pissed off…’ (continues off with lame rhyme…)”

Me: “That’s not a riddle that’s a rhyme!?”

Shannon and Me: *LOL*

Ok, so the moment was a lot funnier than it looks in writing, but I swear guy was just wanting to be a bully!

Later on someone brought up the book Lord of The Flies, which I’ve been wanting to read. So I said that, that I’ve been wanting to read it… So random guy goes, “Oh yeah, it has a bunch of half naked kids running around so you would like it!” Ha ha, you’re  not funny so stop while you can!

I reply, “Nah, the half naked guys are underage so that’s not how I like them…” HA HA, that shut him up and I think kept him from making anymore of his stupid comments at me! Good Times! It’s fun weirding people out!

But anyways, yeah… PSW, it sucks, but some of the people there can really help pass the time a lot quicker. It’s especially funny how some of them work so hard in what they’re doing… They take it very seriously! I get it, it is serious, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun and socialize… The Probation Officers don’t mind if you’re talking just as long as you are working! You’re not getting paid to do the job! Poor little worker bees! I know I’m one too! Whatever! I suck too! Ha ha!

The view from my seat!
The view from my seat!

I’m at coffee bucks right now using the free wifi and passing the time til I have to go to my other destinations… So much to do today! It sucks! Grr! Another long day with limited rest for me!

I had a Java Peppermint Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino type concoction here… OMG, even the fucking cashier guy working there said that it sounds “frightening” because Shannon had the same thing and so the girl was making it… But then he gave me this ‘I think I might have offended you’ type look and asked “is that what your having too?” To which I guiltily replied “yes” and then somehow tried to explain myself that it was just a treat and not part of my usual diet… He had this guilty look as if what he said somehow offended me… It didn’t, I understand that the drink is probably made out of the same shit cellulite is made out of, but it was pretty good!

And hey, besides, once a week doesn’t hurt… And I only come to CoffeeBucks on Fridays anyways… Shit, I don’t need his shame! It’s a dignity-free drink! HA HA! LOVES IT!!!

Oh yeah, so I started running this past week too! It went pretty good! Tired, which helps me sleep at night! I actually slept pretty nicely last night that when I finally woke up I was up and ready for the day! Whoo! I’m gonna go running again tomorrow whether Ricky comes with or not! He’s been my running buddy which makes it a lot more fun too! He’s not all that good at the running yet, but hey, we’re barely starting so we’re pacing ourselves!

Anyways, I’m gonna watch a show before I have to take off again! Peace Y’all!