I haven’t written in a while… I’ve been very dry in my literary department. It sucks! I have all these great ideas piled up in the back of my brain, but none that I have put on paper yet… It doesn’t help that I haven’t been reading any new pieces of literature either.

I’ve been getting inspired here and there by this and that. Like today, I got some pretty good ideas that I wrote down in my palm just so that I can record them in my brain vault. I need to put this shit on paper though before I forget. I just haven’t had a good flow. But I need to start writing shit down!

Geesh, I remember way back when when I would just sit there with random pieces of paper and just write down shit, page after page after page. I remember one time I sat down at work (when I worked at AMC) at the guest services area and wrote like 5 pages worth of stuff and thoughts and this and that… So good, I still have the copy.

I love looking back at the things that I used to write. It’s so different than where I am at now! My style was so different, and the things that were going on, so miniscule in comparison to now! Gee, I love it!

But yeah, I’ve had all this ideas come up that I haven’t written down, but I’m gonna. I need to buy a new journal, a writers journal that  I need to carry with me, because yeah, blogging all the time is not happening!

Besides, some of the writer thoughts that I get are more for my bigger collection that I’m keeping to myself for now!

Anyways, today was a pretty good day… Interesting, to say the least, but good! I am tired… There was something else that I was going to mention, but I totally forgot what I was gonna say… I can’t remember now!

Anyways, I think I’m gonna pass out because I’m tired! Another day, another Dollah! Whoo!