Oh what a day… I always feel weird going back to work after having a lot of days off! Lets see, I had Friday, Saturday and Sunday off, then I took Monday off (I called in sick) and Tuesday was a Holiday, so I was on holiday for like five days! DAYUM! Yeah, it’s safe to say that I’m very well rested.

But anyways, yeah, it was a busy day at work today. I had to go to a meeting. It was to try and develop a system for inventory methods for our facility’s warehouse! It was bleh, but I like knowing that I play an important part with the chiefs and supervisors and that my input is highly considered and seeked! Yay… I play a part in something bigger than me! LOL!

After the meeting, I cam back to my “office” and decided to go for my walk! I always go for a 15 minute walk to get my blood flow going again. So I went for my walk and as I was coming back up, someone was going down (the hill). So I nooded in a polite hello to be polite. The nood was returned, however, there was a smirk. I got a sense of what cruising someone was like, so I was like, ok I think I’m getting cruised. I peeked over my shoulder and sure enough, said business stranger was lookng back over his sholder. I looked forward and then said, meh, what the hell… So I looked back, only much more obvious and totally cruising said business stranger! And yes, the look (the cruising look I suppose) was returned! Ha ha!

I guess it skips my mind sometimes that acts such as these are considered flirting! But whatev… I never notice that I flirt until the damage (or succes?) is done with. It takes me a while to process what I did! Bleh!

But I noticed that I’ve had this influx of new found confidence… I don’t really know where it came from or when… But I wasn’t the one to notice it first. I was actually told the other day that I looked different. Something about my face glowing? Or some similar thing such as that! I cracked a joke that “my inner beauty is blossoming through!” Ha ha! Crack up! But yeah, surge of confidence has transpired… And I like it!

In other news, It’s SAYED’s B’DAY today! Whoo! So I wanna wish my ghettoness hoe a HAPPY BIRFDAY! Ok, so he’s turning 23! A lot of people don’t think it’s a big deal, a lot of other people are more like “Your still young!” Whatever the point, he’s 23 now, we’re 23 now (some of my friends), I’m 23 now! It’s another year stronger, another year wiser, another chance to move forward, to look towards a brighter future while still remembering the memories of the past. It’s a beatufiul and exciting time to be growing old and I am just happy and excitied and delighted to be celebrating with my friends this awesome time of our lives!

You know, yes we’re young still, but we’ve each grown in very different ways. Ways that makes us who we are. I’m only glad that we’ve remained friends for so long (give or take a few years minus)! But I’m just excited that we’re in a time where change is happening! Not only in our world, politically, scientifically, but individually!

To my friends, all of them, both old and new, I am so glad that you guys are part of my life, and I’m looking forward to growing old with y’all! I feel like I’m taking Said’s thunder now, but I just wanted to write this down! I guess this is my gift to him, a few words of wisdom!

Sorry bitch, you can’t return this gift, it’s unfortunately, etched in your brain now! Besides, I can’t afford to buy you anything… “It’s the economy!” Ha ha, LOVES IT! LOVES YOU BITCHES!