I had such a great time this weekend! I feel as if it just flew by right on past me!

Let’s see, Friday, my long and busy day, ended pretty well! Had fun with Ricky at the bar where a few realizations were spilled! Lol! It was fun though! Always interesting conversations over booze! Some light flirtatious fun, some reminiscent making out! Yeah, all in a days work!

Yesterday we went to the Brass Rail… It was fun too! I danced with some ubber drunk ass groper who was swaying all over the place! Apparently, from a third eye perspective, I was making out with said drunk, but I don’t remember doing so! Anyways, afterwards, had my ass gropped, or should I say used as an anchor, by the manager of the club! Really nice, really cute! And he got us some shots for the birthday boy! It was a good night!

It was funny, because we were in the club until like 3… Way after they closed! We were looking for Gaby’s keys because apparently she had lost them! Well, turns out, her car lock has a little pass code on the door that you can enter, and so she did and she had forgotten that she had left the keys in the car! Grr! But all and all, good night overall!

We ended it by going to Denny’s! Only Said and I went! Got to see Maricela so that was good too! We were just cracking up!

Anyways, I’m going through a few epiphanies here and there about this and that! Is it good, is it bad! Who knows? The thing that I keep telling myself is that it’s ok if I don’t know if it’s whether right or wrong, good or bad! I’m allowed to make mistakes!

With that being said, I’m gonna go off and enjoy the rest of my day! Yawn!