So I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, mainly about my health, and I think I may, I might just, go Vegan!!!!! Dun dun dunnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ha ha, Yeah, so I’m seriously thinking about it!

You know what that means! It means giving up DAIRY! Giving up Cheese and Milk, and Butter and Ice Cream And Yogurt and MILK CHOCOLATE! Damn! That’s a lot of shit to give up!

But yeah, I just think I’m going to try it for a month first and see how I do! I’m already a Vegetarian and I am definetly not going to be going back to Meat anytime soon! I don’t have an issue with other people eating it, it’s just personal for me! The smell of it and sometimes the look of it, kind of makes me a little queasy! Bleh! I just don’t have a craving for it anymore as much as I crave other shit like Mushrooms and Tofu Broccoli and Noodles with Rice! Ha ha!

But anyways, it’s just something I’m thinking of doing! I mean to be completely honest, I’ve gotten so used to the substitutions like veggie burgers and soy cheese and soy chorizo and tofu that making the transition from Vegetarian to Vegan might be a lot easier than expected! But again just a thought!

Really though, ever since I went Vegetarian, I feel so much better! I feel cleaner on the inside, my metabolism has sped up drastically and I just feel healthier overal. Not to mention the natural energy that I totally get every so often. I just think it would be a wise healthy move for me! I do need to work on a new fitness regime though! I don’t know, but Summer is coming up and I so want to get in shape!

Don’t get me wrong, I feel great! I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been. Have I mentioned that back in Middle school I used to weigh 116 pounds! I was going through some pictures with my mom, and OMG, I was FAT! I remember wearing XLG t-shirts, but I guess I didn’t realize how fat I was then! I wear small t-shirts now! So yeah, I feel great physically. But I know I can do better! I mean, c’mon, why settle for good when you can go for great!

I want to be able to run a mile in less than 8 minutes! Last time I timed myself it took me 11 minutes, my lowest time! So I think that’s going to be another goal of mine!

Anyways, we’ll see how these changes go! I’m still figuring out the scemantics of them, but I’ll be chronicling my progress on here! For now, I’ve gone 10 months as a Vegetarian! WHOO! Awesome! Ha ha!

Alright I’m off! I should leave CoffeeBux now! Oh yeah, I got me a Soy White Chocolate Mocha! So Good! A Guilty plesure of course! I only come to Starbucks (usually) on Fridays! It’s my treat days! Alright, now I’m off!