I was writing yesterday when I went to Coffeebux and school and nothing came out! I’m as dry as sand! This sucks!

I haven’t written anything interesting in over two months! THIS BLOWS! If I was an actual writer I’d be out of work!

I took a picture of a cute puppy yesterday? I justhought he was so cute!

But Anyways, as I was saying, I haven’t had anything that interesting going on… Nothing really worth writing about!

I could write about the puppy, but they don’t really interest me much!

Ok, no, I lie, they do! Iwould love a puppy, but I can’t have one because 1, I live in an apartment, and 2, they’re too expensive and require a lot of time and money to take care of! But oh how cute!

Nah, I turn myself off to such cuteness bceause It’s just easier that way!

But yeah, Things have been rather chill with me lately! Nothing too exciting has been going on… Haven’t gone out in a while because I’ve been kind of broke! Bills man, bills!

I just want to be done with having to pay shit left and right! It sucks! Where is the money I work for! GRR!

Ok, I do get to keep like 30% of what I make a month, which is not bad… Is it? Meh, I’ve made it with less, so I’m happy!

But still, nothing worth writing about! Hmm…

I need some inspiration or something needs to happen to get my creative juicies flowing! Or some other jucices flowing! Grr!

I think I’m just bored right now! I should be happy really that things have been chill, but… Yeah, it’s chill! Any ideas?

Anyway, I went to my astronomy class yesterday, so that was good! I like that class… I’m doing pretty good in it too! I got my test back today and I got a 69 (LOL) out of 80! So that’s not that bad right? And I checked with my teacher to see what my current grade is and she said that I’m at a B! Whoohoo!

I don’t know what classes I’ll be taking next semester, but I want something that will challenge me in the literary field… I want to get into literature… I want to expand my genres of reading! There are a few books that I’ve been meaning to pick up but haven’t yet! I should really check out the library!

Ok, this is a lame ass post, but that’s how lame things have been going for me lately! How lame! Come on, someone give me something worth writing about! Give me some ideas people!