Ha ha, so my mom saw me with my new hair color today! It looks a lot redder in the sunlight, of course, than in regular light! She totally was like, “why did you do that!?”

Ha ha… She hates it, so of course I love it! I told her that I was going to go platinum blonde next month! LMAO!


But anyways, you can’t really tell that it’s that red… The color that I went for was Rich Mahogany… It’s like a copper brown like color! But I guess there’s like some shade of brown in my hair already so it looks reddish in the sunlight! Which is cool! I personally like it so I don’t care! Besides, it’s hair color, it’s not as if I can’t change it later!

Anyways, I feel so full! I ate too damn much right now! I had mysel some hostess cupcakes (LOL) and a gansito! Yummey! Then I ate the rest of the chips that I didn’t eat yesterday… And before that I had dinner! Two sandwiches! Damn, so much for trying to eat “healthy”! I ate all this fucking junk food! Ha ha! Whatever, I’ll work out tomorrow!

Ay, another day another dollar! Another season, another reason for causing trouble!

I can’t wait till the weekend! I want to have some Dignity Free good times with my silly Bitch! HA HA! Loves It!

I don’t want to get that wasted, but we’ll see what happens! LOL! It’s always trouble when you have booze around me! Ha ha! Nah, just kidding! LMAO!

Ok, I’m going to bed! Work tomorrow! And then School! Damn…  I feel full… I’m not going to eat tomorrow… Ha ha, yeah right!