AKA: Work in the office by day, drink like whores by night!

Cheers! Ha ha!

Omg, so we went to this admin professionals luncheon today which was really nice! My supervisor’s supervisor (my boss?) invited us and paid for us so that was really nice of her! It was a lot of people that went, like around 300 or so!

They had like a lunch buffet but not really! I of course only had salad and veggies and a whole wheat dinner roll! But I ate a lot! I feel so ful! Blegh!

And I got to leave early too! Yay! Oh yeah, and get this, they had a raffle and I won Something! Me! A Winner! YAY!

Ha ha, so I got two certificates to Soupplantation which is freaking awesome because I love it there… The last time I was there Said, Kelly and I had an awesome dignity free conversation and got the stink eye! Ha ha! It was awesome! We walked out dignity free… Like we usually do from any establishment! LOL!

Anyways, It was a pretty cool weekend too! Very chill… I don’t even know if I’ve mentioned anything! Gaby was in Vegas so she didn’t chill with us, that silly bitch! Ha ha! Which, but the way, that cracks me up, “Silly Bitch!” LMAO!

I’m so cereberally energized but physically tired! I had coffee so that’s why my brain is going a mile a minute! Bleh!

I’m going to start running next week… I had a busy week this week and I should of started running this week but I just didn’t feel up to it… Plus I’ve been eating too damn much that I feel like a prized fucking heifer! GRRR!

And what was up with the weather! FUCKING A! I mean, I’m down from getting my Vitamin D from the sun and all, but I’ll take it sans the sun burn and skin cancer, thanks!

I went to my astronomy class yesterday and that was fun! I like that class… And I really like my teacher too! She’s so cool! And by cool, I mean cool in Nerd cool! I can be a nredo sometimes! I have my moments! Whatev!

Anyways… Nothing else exciting going on! I feel like crap because it kind of hurts to swallow! HA HA! Hold on the jokes there assholes! LOL! I think I was getting sick because I slept with my fan on! That’s probably not good! Grr! I need nyquil! I swear, that shit works for almost anything! Ha ha!

My room is dirty! I need to clean it, but I rather take my nap!

Oh yeah, I’ve been watching Secret Diary of a Call Girl! LOVES IT!

Also, been watching Make Me A Supermodel! So good too! I actually prefer it to ANTM! I think this show is more about actual models competing than the girls in ANTM, where it’s about personality! Puhlease, like that matters in the modeling world!

And, not to mention that there are guys in the competition! And yes, they are hot! But it’s a good show!

I’m just going on and on now… It’s really a pointless blog, but I just felt like writing! I’m bored and I can’t fall asleep! I’m trying to take a nap! Bleh! Ok, I’m going  to give this nap thing another shot! Yawn!