So I’ve been a little bored lately and I’m doing a little more reading and a little more music downloading too! I’m checking out shows too so that’s all good too!

I mentioned some shows that I’m currently watching in my previous post, but what about my music! I’ll share that in a bit!


Yeah, I’m currently reading Running With Scissors! So funny! Omg, I was cracing up the other day in public! Ha ha! But yeah, it’s pretty good! I likes it!

Anyways, music! downloaded some new tunes! I know, I’m always late with music but some of these are kind of new… Kind of I guess! I’m loving Whatever Lola Wants! It’s a remixed version with Gotan Project who I love listening too! It has this very sexy electronic twist to it that only Gotan Project knows how to add! I so want to buy their newer album, which came out back in 2006! But anyways, some other songs included in the new playlist are from Lady Gaga, Flo Rida and this new artist that I was introduced to by, Meiko! I really like the song by Meiko, Boys With Girlfriends! Pretty good and sweet song! Anyways, here’s the playlist instead of me telling you about it! Hope y’all like! Just click on the link to check out my new playlist!