Yeah, before I forget… I’m finally going to be getting a new phone! Ok, so it’s not really new but more of an upgrade. M current phone had a “stroke” if you belive it or not! The left side of the phone doesn’t really work anymore. The send, the menu and the left arrow buttons don’t work anymore… And I can’t get the phone off from vibrate mode (which doesn’t really bother me, lol).  But yeah, I’m gonna be getting the new Helio Ocean 2!

It’s not really new since it’s still very much like the original Ocean, but there are a few tweaks to it.

Like, apperantly it’s slimmer, but I can’t really tell since the phone is still pretty bulky and big. I didn’t really want to get a touch phone just yet because for one, almost everyone has a touch phone, two, they all kind of look alike with the exception of the iPhone, and three, I know that if I wait a two or so years, something better is going to come along. Something better always shows up. And who knows, maybe they’ll eventually decide to lower the price on the ridiculously overpriced iPhone! Grr!

But for now, I’m fine with my press key phones! Besides, the Ocean 2 looks pretty cute! I’ll get used to it. Besides, I was due for an upgrade, so I got it for free! Kind of! I had to pay a sales tax and a shipping fee, but the phone is over $150. And I read the reviews for it and it’s pretty solid! It does deliver, and I actually do like my current Ocean. I wouldn’t of replaced it if it wasn’t for the fucking stroke that it had. It actually got wet a while back when it was raining. Water soaked through my back pack and all this shit got wet. I had my laptop on me that night too, and luckily it surived! My phone wasn’t so lucky though!

Anyways, the phone is supposed to arrive sometime in the next couple of days! I think anywhere from 3 to 5, depending on where they’re shipping it from! Bleh!

Moving on… I almost didn’t do shit today! Fuck! I was about to be a lazy bum and just stay in bed for the remainder of the day… I was ready to do it too! But at the last minute I got pretty energized and so I decdied to go. I kind of guilted myself to do so… That, and my desktop of Jonathon Waud totally made me feel guilty about deciding to stay in and be a prized fucking heifer. Ok, ok… Also, I got really horny and I didn’t want to wank so I decided to blow some steam the old fashioned way! Ha ha!

But yeah, I went for my run! About 20 minutes again, which is better than nothing! I jogged/walked so that was good! Note to self though: Do not eat before going for a run. It is not very comfortable! I kind of ate a little too much too so it is partially my fault! But I was kind of hungry!

In the end, it was a good run… I did like 22 blocks! Yay! That’s about the same as yesterday and Saturday! So yeah, that’s good! I think I will increase my block distance weekly if I manage to keep this up!

I think that as long as I keep Jonathon Waud as my desktop wallpaper I know I’ll guilt myself in getting my fat ass off my bed and go for my run! I mean look at him… He’s GOREGEOUS!!!

I do hope he is one of the Winners of the competitions for Make Me A Supermodel… I’m really liking the show! Better than America’s Next Top Model! I think Tyra should do a guys version of ANTM! That would be cool! And hot to see!

At least I ate kind of healthy today! I don’t think I did that horrible but I wasn’t all that good either! I think I pushed myself a little too much with the potato, egg and cheese burrito in the morning! It wasn’t that big, but it was like about 1 portion and a half! I also ate like 4 slices of oranges for breakfast!

Lunch was a lot lighter! I ate my veggies (squash and carrots), small spoonfulls of some veggie soup (with some shell noodles), a little half-serving of pasta salad with celery, and I ended it with Strawberries and Grapes!

When I got home, I ate a bowl of cereal, after eating like 5 or 6 chocolate chip cookies! I can’t help it, I’m a cookie monster! Grr! Whatever, it’s not easy!

Ok, I think I’m going to leave it at that for now… I’m getting tired of staring at Waud’s sexiness on my blog as I write! Damn it, I’m gonna have to go for another run! Ha ha! Maybe a cold shower will do! LMAO!