I told myself that I want to have some noticeable weight loss by the end of May. Friday is the 1st of May, but I want to start this Monday so that I can start getting my ass in gear. I need to start eating healthier and start working out. I can’t loose weight if I don’t work out and I had been lazy in the past. But I’m working on changing that. Today and yesterday I went for a little jog/walk around my neighborhood. It was nice actually. As long as I have my music I am good to go.

I did 24 blocks the first time, and like 20 the second time which isn’t a lot and it was about 20 mins both times. I have gotten really bad with my running! I can’t hold my breath or my rate that long. I run out of breath really quickly and I tire! I think it’s because I haven’t been running in a while. Sucks! But I plan on doing it weekly! I want to do it five times or four times a week, depending on time allowance. So far, my schedule seems like it will allow Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday and Thursdays. I could probably do Tuesdays depending on how early I get out of work, but it’s not as likely since I have school!

I need to write this down on my paper journal instead… Which I think I will tomorrow! I’m going to take it to work….

Anyways, the other thing that I wanted to add was that I changed the background on my laptop, so it now has pictures of model Jonathon Waud. He is so cute. But aside from that I’m really inspired by him. Not only is he a pretty face, but he comes off as a nice guy on tv… Of course, things aren’t always what they seem, but so far his presentation has been pretty positive. But what I like more about him is his awareness of his health and fitness. He works out and eats healthy. So not only does he have a rockin’ body, but he works to keep that body up and maintains it very well! I saw a video of one of his workouts and I can see why he has a really nice body! That’s why I’m inspired by him, he is a hot guy, but he works out and keeps his body up. He’s in shape and not just naturally!

So, he’s on my desktop as background not just because he’s hot, but because I’m inspired by him. And I need a reminder for myself of what it is that I want to achieve! I want a reminder of what it is that I’m working towards and to be reminded of what I know I need to do in order to reach that goal. I set a goal of loosing 5 pounds by the end of May! I don’t think that’s such a bad goal, since I think it can be attainable if I work hard. But I have to work hard if I want to reach to that point! I know it’s not going to be easy to be strict, but I have to be if I want to loose my fat and have a leaner build! I want to be able to go running and run a marathon! I really want to go rock climbing again! So that’s what I’m working towards! That’s my goal, to be able to rock climb! I don’t know where to start but I have some ideas.

First thing first though, I have to get in shape and work on staying healthy! It’s a lot harder than it sounds! Especially since I just bought cookies and chocolate bars and cereal! Meh, a little treat won’t hurt! But it’s that kind of thinking that makes you fall off the wagon, so it’s time to be strict! Ay, it’s going to be a hard week! Tsk tsk! Wish me luck!


My New Desktop Wallpaper!

My New Desktop Wallpaper!