Lol! Yeah… I’m working my ass off! Working it out that is!

It’s harder than it looks actually… And it really tires you out… I did one set of twenty like 10 mins ago and I’m kind of winded! Phew! But yeah, i’m working out my ass! Ha ha! Hey, I’m wanting to work out and I no longer have a gym member ship so I’m doing “lite” work outs at home and at work whenever I get a chance.

But there is nothing lite about doing squats and lunges and all those ass workouts! They’re actually quite tough! I’ve done a few sets of each today and my ass is already starting to feel “the burn”! But as an old friend used to say, “it’s a good burn,” so I’m ok with it. I guess the burn just means it’s working!

But yeah, I’m wanting to firm up my ass, which is why I’m doing squats, lunges and the hip lift, where you lay on the floor and raise your hips! That one is hard too! It makes my legs tremble when I extend one of the legs out and hold it 1 to 2 inches above the floor! Ay!

This one is also pretty hard too! Similar to the one where you raise your leg 1 inch above the ground! I actually have this in one of my Men’s Health magazine and I did it for a while… But then I stopped working out! Grr!

But yeah, these glute work outs are hard! They really do tire you out and they get your heart rate up too! What I like about them is that they work your ass, hips and thighs. Actually, I started doing lunges last year.

I was doing like 50 lunges a day and I totally saw the results within a few months. It was so cool to actually see that I was loosing the fat around my hips and thighs. Not that I had thunder thighs or anything like that, but you could totally see the difference from before and after. And I love my thighs now! I can actually see muscle sometimes when I move them in a certain way. I’m working towards being a little more flexible too. But I’m also trying to last with my cardio. get tired a little too quick which sucks! Grr!

But yeah, I’m working on the ass! Maybe that will help me burn more calories throughout the day. And I like the energy high that I get from doing them! I really just want to firm up my ass though! Not that it isn’t firm, but like always, it could be better!

I did this BMI calculator thing online, and according to two different ones, I’m overweight by .8% to 1%! Ha ha! It also said that I should be no heavier than 154.5 which I guess is pretty ideal for someone my height! Damn, I guess I am pretty heavy for someone my size! Which sucks! I don’t think I look that huge, but I think I hide it well! Grr! Damn bmi calculator! Lol!

But yeah, I want to bring my BMI from 26% to 24% this month! I think I can do it! That’s only a loss of five pounds! Trust me, you have no idea how hard it is to lose five pounds! Shit, I’m having trouble with loosing just one! It probably doesn’t help that I eat crap all day long too!

Actually though, I’ve been pretty healthy today! TODAY that is! Yesterday I was no good! I got very carried away for dinner! I was gonna get me just a sandwich from Subway, a Veggie-Max sub! I was going to get me the foot long and only eat half and save the rest for the following day! So I did, I got me the sandwich and I headed on home!

Well, as I was walking, I saw the Mexican food place that has Potato Rolled Tacos! I fucking love this little suckers! So I gave into temptation and bought me some 4 Potato Rolled Tacos! I got home and I ate my tacos! And then half of my sandwhich!!! Yup, I ate a fucking butt-load yesterday! Ha ha, butt!

I ate as if I had never had food! Grr! I mean the tacos and the sandwich were good, so I kind of don’t regret it in that aspect, but health wise, that was a big no no! I know I eat to much! I eat too damn much actually! I’m usually pretty good about portion control, but that totally went out the window yesterday!

My portions when I eat are usually a little on the medium size… They go a little over two fist-fulls sometimes, but that’s ok I guess! But I always want to eat again like an hour or so later! And I usually go for the junk food! Damn those cookies that I have at home to hell! Ha ha!

But anyways, I need to start being stricter and stricter! I let myself fall into temptation too easily! I am human after all! Shit!

Food today was alright! I think I ate a little more for lunch today than I usally do. I had my leftover sandwhich for lunch along with some few spoonfulls of soup that was given here at work! I also ate the fruit (1 strawberry, grapes, and a few slices of pineapple)! I think I’m gonna go real lite for dinner tonight! It’ll be my punishment for eating too much yesterday! Ha ha!

But yeah, I think I’m doing ok so far! I’m gonna go running today so that will make me feel better and less guilty! Grr! Damn guilt!

I want to get better with my running! My breathing technique kind of sucks! I get winded pretty quick! I can last a good two or three blocks before I have to slow down and start walking to catch my breath!

I’m considering this month as a training month! Training for what? I don’t know yet! Maybe to run a marathon or something! I just want to be able to get into more intense stuff though!

I didn’t run yesterday because I had to go to school! I had my Astronomy test on Stars yesterday so I was at home studying! I think I did good! I was pretty confident about my answers so we’ll see how I do! Hopefully good!

Meanwhile, my phone is pissing me off! I’m sick and tired of it and I want to get my new one quick! I got the tracking code from Helio already so it is in route! It is scheduled to arrive on Friday! Does FedEx work on Saturdays? I don’t think so! I hope it does arrive on Friday though! hopefully Sayed can sign for it if he’s home! My new phone in transit is currently in Kansas! Hmmph! I’m so anxious! I want my phone NOW! Grr!

Alright, back to health and fitness… Goals! To loose weight and bring my BMI from 26% to 24% by May 31st!

I started this week, so lets see how I do by the end of May! 

Start Date: April 27th, 2009

Weight: 160

BMI: 26%

Goal Date: May 31st, 2009

Weight: 154

BMI: 24%

Let’s see if I can win this challenge! Man, good thing I have some sexyness to motivate me! Refer to previous posts for pix of what this sexyness is! I’m gonna go do some more lunges now! Lol!