Oh my gosh! I’m in pain! Ok, not really! I’m just sore! Oy…

I did a much better workout yesterday! I ran more and I did run more than I ran on Saturday which was good! I think I’m getting better at it! I want to be able to continuiously run for blocks without having to stop to take a walking break! Grr! But yeah, I can’t workout today because I have all my stuff going on… Public Service Work in the am, program at 545 and then meeting at 8! Grr! Busy busy!

But I did kind of had a “workout” at PSW. So we went down this steep hill, only to find out that weren’t going to so shit down there, so we had to hike back up! Ha ha! With my thighs and ass sore, it was a little hard! But I managed! Plus I told myself that this would be my workout of the day so that was good!

 We were in Presidio Park over in Old Town, so it was actually pretty nice! That is not the hill we had to go down, it was some other one, but that is one of the locations we walked through! It was pretty nice to be out in the park too!

I did carry some heavy tree branches and other crap that we had to clear out, so I guess I did some “weight” training too! LOL!

But yeah, it was alright!

I didn’t eat breakfast today because I almost didn’t go to my PSW today! I was so tired that I was almost going to ditch it to sleep in! But at the last minute my mom convinced me that it wouldn’t be such a good idea to be absent and that I should just get up and just push through it! She was right! As soon as I took a shower I was up and pretty ready to go! I’m still a little tired, but it’s a different kind of tired! What, physically tired? Yeah, my body is a little sore!

But anyways, back to food! I didn’t have breakfast. My mom had a crossiant in a ziplock baggie that she was saving and she gave it to me! So I actually took like two bites of that and saved it for lunch time! Then, while at PSW, we didn’t really have a formal lunch, but long occasional breaks here and there, so I ended up munching on the croissant during those breaks! I’m now at Coffeebux! I ordered a lite grande coffee frap! I wanted to get it soy, but they don’t offer them with soy! Dang! I guess fat free will do! Still… I was wanting to give up on milk! But a lot of foods have dairy products in it so I can’t really escape it! I can escape it when it comes to my cereal though!

I don’t know if I mentioned this, but i want to give up on milk! The other day did it for me! I had a bowl of cereal with milk, and after I finished eating it my stomach hurt! I didn’t like that! So yesterday I went off and bought me some soymilk! I bought the Silk Vanilla Soymilk! Not bad! It’s not really milk though, but it is different and not that bad tasting! I personally have always liked milk, but as I said, I have to be stricter on my diet! I want to if I want to reach my goal!

If I don’t like the soymilk thing, then I think I’ll revert back to milk, but I’ll be sticking to Fat-Free/skim milk!

I don’t know what to eat now! I’m thinking of going to Panda, but I’m actually feeling kind of full from the frappuccino! Grr! I guess it would be ok since I haven’t really eaten anything solid, so I don’t know, I’ll think about it some more!

The thing that I’m really trying to do is work on how much I eat! I’ve been eating too much I feel! I feel full almost all the time! Which is weird! Like right now, I feel full! But then I’ll be hungry within an hour or so! Also, I need to work on portion control! I need to watch my portions! There’s just so much that I need to work on! Why did I inherit my mother’s fat genes!

I guess one of us had to inherit them! My older brother got the muscle genes! He is naturally muscular! Always has been! My little brother inherited the skinny gene! He’s always been slender, and as he got older and matured he got more definition in his body! Me on the other hand, I ended up with the fat genes! The ones that gave me a fat ass and a belly at the age of 12! Grr! I dislike my brothers! Assholes! Ha ha!

But yeah, I guess some of us just have to work harder than others! Not fair!

Anyways, in other news, I’m reading this book on teen vegetarians! It’s like a guide of some sorts! Pretty good! I need to make copies of some pages regarding vitamins and minerals… I need something like that because I need to be sure that I’m getting all my nutrients! So far though, so good! I think I’m going to give up on going Vegan… I just don’t think I’ll be able to do it! I was only going to try it for a month,  but now I don’t know if I’m really going to want to do it! Maybe if I take  steps into doing it… Maybe I’ll ease myself into it! Remove an item of dairy once a month! I actually haven’t had eggs in a while! Actually, never mind, I have! I did the toher week or so when we went to Denny’s! Speaking of which , I want another Slamburger! Yummey! See! Food is my weakness!

I wrote in my journal about how I need to be stricter with myself about food! I haven’t been strict and have been pretty lenient with what I eat… But I’ll work on that this month! Hmm, today is the 1st of May! My challenge officially begins! As of today, I have 30 days to make it to 155 or 150!

I guess my blog wouldn’t be complete without me mentioning Jonathon Waud! Ha ha! Yeah, he’s still on my desktop! I saw the show last night! He took such a great pic… Why he didn’t win the challenge is beyond me! I guess Sandhurst’s pic was pretty good, but I like Jonathon’s better! He looked more cowboyish than Sandhurst did! Ruggued too! Ha ha!


I mean loot at him, he can pull anything off! I think I found my new favorite model! Ha ha, ya think! I think I’ll be pretty upset if he doesn’t win… But then the reamining models are all pretty good looking so It’s anyones game at this point! I really like Salome! And Branden is pretty good Too! I like Jordan too, but I don’t like her attitude! Grr!

As for America’s Next Top Model, I’m indifferent with it! The only girl on there that I really like is Allison! I think she has what it takes to make it… The other girls! I don’t know! Fo, too short, Celia, looks like a lioness, Teyona, ok, she might make it, Aminant, No Comment! Is that all that’s left? Damn, the season is going by quick! I feel like I’m leaving one out! Who… That other girl went home already, and I didn’t really like her… She didn’t have anything special!

Allison, her eyes are big and intense… She has a different look! I think she would go far! Still, my favorite ANTM girl will always be Elyse Sewell… Which I think she should of won! How did she not win I do not know! I still read her blog, although she hasn’t posted anything new in a while! Darn it girl, get on with it, I need something to read!

Ok, I’m not writing about anything in particular anymore! I’m just bored and I’m passing the time! I think I’m avoiding eating! Or maybe I’m just biding my time till I get hungry! Bleh! Still haven’t decided what I’m going to eat, if I decide to eat! Shucks! Whatever! I’m gonna watch a show now!