Grr… I ate too much yesterday! It’s not good! And I didn’t even workout either! And, and, I didn’t work out on Monday either! I don’t think I ate healthy on Monday either! Dang! Ihaven’t been good!

Well, I have been today! Kind of! I didn’t eat breakfast which I know was bad, I shouldn’t skip breakfast… But I didn’t have time too! I woke up on time when I should’ve waken up earlier so that I could at least eat a bowl of cereal! By lunch time I was really hungry!

For lunch today I ate a vegetarian burrito. Basically it was  a flour tortilla with rice, beans, lettuce and salsa with cheese. It was alright! I was really hungry so I ate it all! But then, afterwards, I wanted something sweet, so I ate a Twix! Grr!

I need to cut back on the sweets! It doesn’t help that I have a whole box of Chips Ahoy at home! They’re all broken up into little pieces though, but I’ll still eat them!

I’m actually pretty hungry now, but I don’t know what I’m going to eat… There’s pasta, or I can have a bowl of cereal! Maybe I’ll wake up early tomorrow, do a lite workout and have a bowl of cereal! I think I will do that! I’ll have pasta today! I need to buy fruit!

Anyways, I did my workout today! I didn’t work out on Sunday nor Monday… And I had school on Tuesday so I couldn’t work out then! I did today though! It was pretty good! I ran then jogged then walked a mile! Could’ve been more… I’m not sure! Iwant to buy a pedometer! I think that’s what it’s called! Something to measure my distance traveled! But after I came home I still worked out! Did some lite kick boxing, weight lifting with the dumbells, resistance training, stretching and pushups! I was sweating! Which is good! I think the more I sweat the more active I get! It was just a good workout!

I’m going to do it again tomorrow! I can’t on Friday because I have all my shit going on, but Saturday for sure I’ll be back at it! I need too! Gaby said something that really hit me… She said, “Yea dude cuz this months is gonna go by wit the quickness it aint gonna wait for you fat ass!” Harsh or honest! Maybe both! But more honest I think! It’s true! The month will be over as soon as it came!

I’m still at 159! Grr! I can’t really be upset for the no blame though because I haven’t been eating too well! But I can’t help it! I like food! Even though I’m a vegetarian, I don’t feel limited in any way or form when it comes to food! I still eat! I even like the soymilk now! Grr! See, I want to eat the pasta, and then later a bowl of cereal with soymilk and throw some cookie crumbs in it while I’m at it! Damn it! Those cookie crumbs need to go! No more sweets! Just natural sugars if I want something sweet, but no more chocolate! Except for Sunday! I have a coupon for 1 pound of See’s Candy and me and my momma are gonna indulge in some chocolateness! After that, no more sweets! Grr! I am so mean to me! Damn My Fat! Why won’t you just go! If only I had a 5 Million Dollars! I would get lipo! Take a short cut! Grr! I blame the economy!

Ok, it’s been an hour since I worked out, I’m gonna go eat now! I’m gonna eat the pasta and save the cereal for tomorrow!