I was pretty bad the past couple of days! Not in the sense that I ate too much, but I actually didn’t eat anything at all! Till last night that is!

So I decided that I was going to fast for a couple of days, see how I do! I did it alright! It wasn’t that bad, but I just can’t go without food! It’s so hard! I did it all day Friday kind of! I had coffee so I don’t know if that counts? But I didn’t eat any solids all day Friday! Saturday I continued to do so until like 8ish at night when I got me some chinese food! Tofu and Broccoli with white rice and noodles! I only ate half of it though, and just with half I was already full! I didn’t want to shock my system with a lot of greasy food! It’s actually pretty good and on the healthier side, but the noodles are pretty greasy!

But anyways, I don’t know if that’s a good way about going about loosing my flab! In a way, it did kind of work though! I went down to 154. This morning though I checked and I went up to 156 so I guess that’s quite normal! And I did drink alot last night! So maybe there’s still a lot of water in me! I was peeing like every 3 minutes or so!

So yeah, I don’t know if I’m going to do it again! I don’t want to do it for too many days or so… But in a way, I don’t see how it can be that bad! It’s not like I’m anorexic of anything! I love food… I love eating… But that’s my problem! I eat too damn much and sometimes I don’t know when to stop! Usually, the chinese food (broccoli and tofu with rice and noodles), which is about 2 servings or maybe three, I’ll eat in one sitting! But I was good yesterday and only ate half! So I really need to pay attention to my body and be aware of when I’m full and when I’m hungry!

I need to start setting limits! The other thing is that I’ve been known to eat too fast and that right there is a problem too! When you eat too fast you can’t tell if you’re full or not! You don’t give your stomach a chance to start digesting the food and so you just keep on stuffing it with more and more! So I need to eat slower and less in one sitting! Give my stomach a chance to do what it needs to do the right way!

It’s mother’s day today so I’m going with my mom to Soupplantation! I figure we should stick to something healthy! It is a salad buffet though so whatever… But it is Sunday so I think I will splurge a little! Besides, I really like Soupplantation! Ha ha! I’ll try to work out a little tonight or later before I go!

But so far so good! I haven’t been doing Cardio these past couple of days! Thursday I got home and I was so tired that I passed out! Can’t on Friday! Saturday did the same thing! Passed out! Today is Sunday and I should go, but I’m hanging with my mom so there’s no time! I’ll go tomorrow! Add another block to my running routine! But I have been doing some excercising and training! Crunches, push ups, chin ups, dumbell workouts… I’m doing shit!

Ok, I should start getting ready! Gotta meet the ma in a little bit!