When they’re fucked up drunk! LMAO!

I have no real recollection of writing my blog last night! But I guess I did! Ha ha! Oh my, I’m crackng up as I write! That blog I think was much more honest than a lot of my blogs! Kind of! Interesting! Ha ha! LOL!

But yeah, I got fucked up last night! I think I drank a lot! Well duh! But I’m not sure how much I drank that’s the thing! I think I had like 10 or 12 drinks! I did have food in my system though so that’s cool! It was salad and soup though! I did it cheesy bread and a baked potato! So yeah, carbs were in there!

Ha ha! I’m not even going to comment on the new blog and just move on!

I have nothing to move on to… So I think I’ll stop writing now, thanks!