It’s safe to say that it was an interesting weekend… What’s done is done! I shall move one. So with that being said, back to health and fitness… More like lack of health and fitness actually!

So I haven’t been keeping up with my cardio… I’ve been kind of busy lately… Not that busy but just have other things going on. Food wise though, I’ve been pretty ok! My meals are alright… Dinner wasn’t so great yesterday though! I ate a bag of Spicy Nacho Dorritos with salsa and cheese! Yeah, that’s healthy! I was pretty full yesterday too! And I had me a coffee in the morning which I told myself that I wasn’t going to do anymore. But alas, I failed in keeping my word, for I had another coffee today. And the worse part is that I actually consider coffee to be more of a treat than a necessity… I don’t know why I’m treating myself to coffee if I wasn’t all that good about food yesterday.

And don’t even get me started on Monday! Totally splurged… Bean and Cheese Burritto with Lettuce wet with Enchilada Sauce, Sour Cream and Salsa topped with Mexican Rice and then finished the leftover residue with the freshly opened bag of Spicy Nacho Dorritos! DAYUM! It sounds so good I want to do it again… But grr… That’s a Sunday meal, not a weekday dinner meal…. I’m allowed to be bad and splurge on Sundays…  Once a week never hurt anyone… Just don’t over do it!

But anyways, I haven’t kept up with my running. I want to go jogging today but I don’t know if I will… I know I should. I know I want to.  I feel so lazy though… It reminds me of something that my mom used to say about the dirty house. When the house was dirty she didn’t really want to come home, and by the time she did get home she would be so tired that she just wanted to lay there… And the dirty house was actually rather depressing for her that made her just lay there even longer.

That’s kind of how I’m feeling about my room right now… It’s somewhat depressing! It’s so messy and cluttered that I can’t bare to be in it… I chilled in the living room yesterday before class. And if I’m in my room, I’ll usually just throw all the  blankets on top of me and lay there… My bed isn’t even made! And I need to wash the ignored blanket on the floor next to my pajamas that  I don’t wear and my lost left (or is it right?) sock! And that’s just on one side of the bed… On the other side there’s bottles of empty Smart Water and tangled cables, clean underwear that was never put away, trash, scattered napkins, forgotten study notes and another lost sock that’s probably the companion to the sock on the opposite side! Grr! That’s why I really like my zombie game! I get too shoot at zombies and somehow I feel less frustrated! I have decided right now, I’m cleaning my room! I sound depressing! Grr! That is so not how I want to be percieved!

Moving on… I was asked a question in a survey that I never posted… Name three things that describe you… I choose: Ambitious, Driven and Free! Do they describe me… I hope they do. I can’t stand to feel hopless and lost. I can’t be restrained, and I’m always looking for a new challenge. I have high goals and I’m pretty driven to follow my goals to completion. I just hate that it is a long process to get to where I want to go. Which in the meantime, I need to be reading up on what it is that I want to do with my life. There are so many different things that I want that I don’t even know where to start. But as long as I know that I’m working towards something I guess I’m alright!

Geesh, I feel like such a downer. I’m actually having a pretty good day! Don’t know why it seems as if I’m a little down. I’m really not.

Which brings me to my other thing… I applied for a second job! Eeshk! OMG, I’m going to be so busy if I get it! Which I kind of want to get it, I need the extra cash! I applied for a part time job at the GAP! It was either that or back at AMC! Which, I don’t have a problem with AMC, but I think I would rather do some retail as opposed to customer service again…  I just want to finish paying off some bills! And in order to do that, I need more moola! I’m thinking I’ll stick to the job, if I get it, for a good 4 or 5 months! That should be enough time to take down one major bill! I knew this year was going to be tough, but dang, when times are tough, the going needs to get tougher! I can handle it… I mean, who needs sleep right!

I need sleep… Sleep keeps you young! Ha ha… I took a new pic today and I realized, I look very young! I don’t look my age in the pic. I consider it a good thing, but it may not always be such a good thing. I mean, I’m all down for looking young! It’s going to be a major plus when I’m 40 and I look 30! Not that I would lie about my age, but it would be pretty cool to actually say, yeah I’m 40, but thanks! I mean c’mon, I still get carded at Wal-Mart when I buy a rated M (for mature) video game. The lady didn’t belive me that I was 22 (this was last year) and so I had to whip out my id! I’m 23 now and I still look pretty young. I often get 21 but mostly 18 or 19… On some rare occasions though I’ve gotten 25… Which I wasn’t offended, but I guess! Still, there’s nothing that I can do about my look! I’m not about to grow facial hair… It doesn’t come out right! LOL!

Anyways, back to the healthy stuff… I think I’m going to make myself go jogging today. And I’m definetly going to clean my room! The other thing that I want to look into is learning a little more about the careers I’m interested in… I have so many different things that I’m interested in: Writing, Magazine Publishing, Fashion Sales and Marketing, Investigative Detective, Business… So much… There’s still a lot more that I’m interested in. For now though, I’m going for an associate’s degree in English… Just so that I can get that out of the way… Maybe that will help me out in the end. I hope it does. An English degree can be very broad, so hopefully it will work to my advantage. 

Alright, I’ll get back to work now! Bleh!