Ha ha… Ok, exagerating really…

It’s friday, so I get a treat today! Yay! I got me a Java Chip Mint Mocha Frappuccino with whipped cream and chocolate syrup! Ha ha! Deliciousness! I got it lite, but I still got the whipped cream because as I said, it’s a treat! I worked my ass of today! Ha ha, ok, I really didn’t! I think I whined and lagged it more than I really worked… But whatev.

Oh yeah, I’ll just say this, the best way to get over an “addiction” is to replace it with another… And I did that today! Ha ha… I’m just interested in a new someon… Doesn’t mean that anything did happen or whatever… Just interest on my part! Whatever, as if it’ll amount to anything… But it took my mind of certain other stuff! And it made today go by really quick! Too quick unfortunately! Lol!

But yeah, chill day… Not a lot of hard work. I did very little heavy lifting, most of it was done for me by said person! *Sigh* Ha ha!

Anyways, other than that… All is good! I’ve been weighing myself, but my weigh in days are on Sunday mornings so I won’t note what my current weight is now, but it’s between 152 and 155… It fluctuates back and forth but hey, it’s right under my 155 mark so that’s real good! Whoo!

I wrote this pretty good journal entry about a lot of stuff the other night… Really good one! Made me realize a few things about this and that, so I kind of had another sort of epiphany! But anyways, I’ll write about that later if I don’t forget…

Healthy wise, eating good… Been doing some new workouts at night. I haven’t been running as I’ve been pretty tired, but I still manage to squeeze in my push ups, crunches, lunges and squats every day!

I was a little naughty with food on Wednesday I think… Just ate too damn much, but it’s ok! I worked it off! I had the Broccoli and Tofu with rice and noodles, but I also got me some 3 potato rolled tacos with guacamole and sour cream, cheese, salsa and lettuce… YUMMEY! Just too much damn food! But as I said, I worked it off! I have been actually breaking a sweat with my workouts so that’s pretty good! Just doing what I can when I can.

Ok, I don’t think I have anything else that I want to write about…

Oh yeah… Ok, so I applied at Gap to get a second job. But I realized that I applied for some other position instead of the Sales Associate one, so I re-applied under that position, but I submitted applications at Gap Fashion Valley, Horton Plaza and Baby Gap at Fashion. Ha ha! I just want that second job because I wanna finish paying my bills! I think that If I stick to having a second job for at least five months I should be able to finish paying some bills! I hope at least!

If I don’t hear from Gap anytime soon then I’m going to apply at AMC again… I figure I already know the job, and the free movies is a pretty good incentive so that’s pretty good! Plus, there are some people that I already know that are still working there… Ah yes, memories of way back when!  *sigh*

Ok, done!