I hate it when people have this very holy-er than thou persona! It just annoys me! And then for them to say that when other people pass judgement that those people are very self hating/self loathing and that they hate themselves and that they don’t love themselves and all this other bull shit! I just wanted to get up and punch that guy in the face. And then, he had the nerve to add and say that if you judge people that you don’t love yourselve and that he could never love someone who doesn’t love themselves! GRR! I fucking hate that guy! He was just a speaker at a meeting of mine! Whatever!

For whatever reason though, whatever he said just got to me and I was so frustrated and annoyed yestereday! Didn’t really know how to deal with it though… I vented with Said and Ricky, but it wasn’t enough. So I went out with Ricky for drinks! I figure, what the hell, I’m just gonna booze it up and let it all go!

In the end it was a good thing! I had fun last night! Alcohol makes you do crazy things, but I won’t get into it! Nothing too hectic, just a regular day at the bar for me! HA HA!

But yeah, I’m not so annoyed right now! I’m just over it! SO Over It! And I’m quite glad to! I love change! Moving on to new things is awesome! Ha ha, I sound so fake right now, but believe me when I say that I’m over all this bull shit that’s happening! I just wanna live, make the right choices and have fun! All with being healthy in the process too though! LOL!

I’m going back to taking a nap! GRR!