I did my third to last weigh in yesterday… I’m pretty much half way through the month. How did I do… Ok! I’m at 155! Yay! Actually, I’ve been fluctuating back and forth between 152 and 155 so I’m getting there. I have this week and next week left to really work my bum off and bring it down to 150!

Geesh, but I was not so good this weekend in regards to eating.

Saturday I slept in, I didn’t do anything most of the morning. So when I finally did wake up, it was to go get some food with Ricky because we were both hungry and in the mood for Mexican. So I got me what I usually get, my bean and cheese burrito wet with sour cream and lettuce, a side of rice and chips to scoop up the left overs. I ate it, and I felt so full afterwads. I literally felt full even three hours after I had eaten. I just ate a lot… Ate the whole damn burrito!

Anyways, we went out and had a good time. Laughed so much! This girl came up to Said and was basically being a riot. She was alright, but she introduced herself as Culo, which means ass in spanish… She was just weird. Then she decides that she’s gonna jump up on Said only he wasn’t ready and so she slips and falls flat on her back! It was hilarious… Meanwhile  Ricky is making out with two other people at the same time! Lord help me, I have threesome and culo dropping all around me! It made me want food!

And so we went to Denny’s at like 230 in the AM! I wasn’t sure what I wanted to eat, but I knew that I wanted hash browns. I was torn between getting the veggie slam burger or a veggie omlette! In the end I went for the omlette, which was a good choice. It came with pancakes, but I had told our waitress, Maricela, that I wanted an english muffin! Well I guess she had forgotten because she brought me pancakes saying that that’s what I had wanted. I don’t eat pancakes, why on earth would I order them. I know I said english muffin… No one ever listens! Grr.

But anyways, that was Saturday!

Sunday we went to the movies and saw Angels & Demons. I had been craving nachos with cheese. Mainly, I think I just wanted some of those little jalapenos with the nachos and cheese, so I got me some! I ate them towards the beginning of the movie… After the movie ended, we went home really quickly… I needed to use the potty! LOL!

We were trying to figure out what we wanted for dinner! I was a little hungry, but wasn’t craving anything in particular so I just told them to figure it out, I’ll go for anything. They ended up choosing El Coyote which was good cause I hadn’t been there in a while. I got me the 2 potato tacos plate that came with rice and beans, sour cream and guacamole. It was pretty good. I ate the two tacos, an additional tortilla with the rice and beans, but I couldn’t finish the rest of the rice and beans. I was pretty full by then.

I don’t know, but that just seems like a lot of naughty food for one weekend! It’s good, but with two weeks left, and a goal in mind, I need to really get my ass in gear.  I just have to be careful with my choices! I almost ate the pancakes that they had for breakfast here at work today. But I only ate half of one.

I just need be be strict if I want to reach my goal. It’s tough, but no one said it would be easy. It’s a personal challange of mine and I want to see it through. I think I’m doing pretty good, but we’ll see once May 31st rolls around!