I’ve been neglectful in posting pics… No, I shall not grace my blog again with another pic of Jonathon… I will however, share a picture of Salome!

Ok, It’s taking me a while to upload her pic… But I really like the pic I will share with y’all… I think it’s a really good one! Ha!

But yeah… I ended up finding a pic in my phone from when we went out on Saturday… I don’t remember if I was even sly about takin git but not that it matters! It’s a freaking club… People are snapping pics with their cell phones all the time…

I was taking a pic of the bartender so maybe that’s how it’s a little different! LOL!

You can’t really tell though… I took it with my camera phone so it’s going to be a crapy pic! But hey, at least I snapped it.

I didn’t even drink that much, but for some reason I don’t even remember this…

I stumbled upon it when I was bored again at work and so I decided to take some pics with my phone! I had pseudo passed out though before that so I took a pic of me laying on my desk being a lazy bum! This is what happens for staying up late in the night chatting with boys!

Ok, I wasn’t really up that late… I went to bed at like around one… But woke up freakishly early… Ok ok, like 20 minutes before my alarm was supposed to ring… But still, why wake up when I’m not supposed to!

The weird thing was, as I was laying there wondering why I woke up so early, my fan that was rotating and blowing air in one direction of the room all of a sudden turned off! Why, I dunno not know… But it freaked me out! Especially considering that I had been watching The Exorcist with Said last night before bed time! I had nevery really seen the full movie, just bits and pieces, and yeah, it’s creepy! Eeshk!

But anyways, I had a gluttonous day yesterday! So bad! Ok, not bad really, I just ate too damn much! Breakfast was chill, I had a coffee (I know, naughty!) and one pancake… Which, I don’t even like pancakes, but I ate it because I’m a heifer like that! It was there and I dunno, I just ate it!

Lunch was filling, I had some pasta with like some sort of tomato sauce, veggies and sliced potato wedges… And fruit! It was alright, but the pasta was too greasy… As it always is with food from work!

Dinner though, I ate CHINESE FOOD! I just craved it and I really wanted some so I went and took my fat ass to go get me some! Ha ha! At least I walked home from the Chinese food place so that made me feel a little less guilty! Tofu and Broccoli with rice and noodles is awesome! Yummey! It was soo good! That good in fact that I ate all of it!

I should’ve saved some for today, but I just ate it! Bleh! And I wonder why I ain’t loosing the last five pounds I wanna! Whatever!

I did do some lite workouts today! I found some bricks here at work so I used them as weights… They each only weight about 6 or 7 pounds, but meh, adds resistance… That was before my walk, which I took a 20 minute one, down the hill and up the hill! I got tired afteward!

Anywyas, the othe rthing I was gonna add was that I downloaded some new songs! Actually, they’re not really new just newly discovered for me! The first one I had already downloaded and converted to format in my iTunes, but I hadn’t updated my iPod so I hadn’t heard it in a while… It’s called Bruises by Chairlift.

The other one is My Immortal by Evanescence! I hadn’t really fully heard the song, but I know I had heard it before… I like it! I first heard it in a Naruto AMV, so here’s where I had first heard it… By the way, I really like that Haku/Zabuza storyline!

Anyways, I’m gonna finish my work… Ha!