Hells Yeah Bitches! I’m at 149….


Ha ha… So last night was quite interesting though! And, I was called “Skinny” twice, which is not something I fish for or whatever, but just to know that what I’m doing is working is freaking awesome! One of my friends, who used to be in prety good shape but has gained quite a lot of weight since he got a boyfriend, was asking me, what’s your secret?

I told him honestly, no secret… I try to watch what I eat, I tend to be pretty strict on my ass and I am always working out…. I don’t do a lot of cardio, but I try to and I do walk all over the place!

Oh yeah, so I rode my bike to Balboa Park from my house the other day, it’s probably like a mile and a half ride, and then I ran at the park! It was awesome… I was so tired by the time I came home, but I managed and handled it so that was cool!

But omg, last night, so much booze… Lots and lots of booze! But I got to hang with friends so that was cool! Grr, I haven’t eaten, but I might later! I have a date tonight! LOL! Ok, no more details until laters! I’m off now!