I have no pictures of this weekend yet… We took a lot of pictures but they’re in Sara’s camera… So I’ll post them later when she uploads them to her myspace.

I don’t really have much to say about this weekend other than it was a dignity free one. I don’t know how I feel about what transpired but hey, life goes on.

I had a great day yesterday though. I went on a date-like date! I guess we’re not doing things the traditional way, but hey, dinner and a movie and video games… It was a good day yesterday. A much needed good chill day!

For now, I’ll just post this survey from myspace… Maybe that we’ll entartain for a while!

How do you know the last person you were in a car with?
New person… Don’t know where it’s going but, hey, something new…

Will you be up before 7 am tomorrow?
Yup, before 6am even!

Has your best friend ever seen you naked?

Did you kiss or make out with anyone in the past 4 days?

Oh yeah… I did yesterday!

Are you a bitch?
Usually not… No more mister nice guy though!

Are you waiting for something?
Yeah, for my dignity to return… Hopefully some good news about my losted phone!?

What do you wear to bed?
Depends… For the most part just my undies and t-shirt!

Who are you closest to in your family?
My mother! And yeah…

When was the last time you and an opposite sex hugged?
Uh, probably on dignity free Sunday!

Are you afraid to grow up?
Oh no, I look forward to it!

Were you happy when you woke up today?
I was just ready to go on with my day… I think I felt a little indifferent, but it’s a new day, a new week and I’m just ready to move on with it!

What is your MySpace song?
Bruises by Chairlift… I relate to that song on so many different levels… Lol!

If you could change your eye color would you?
Hmm… Maybe! I liked the color hazel or a little lighter brown!

Who did you last get into a big argument with?
Oh gosh, have no idea!

What were you doing at 8:00 this morning?
Here at work eating breakfast!

Do you like to have long hair or short hair?
Short now… I used to have long hair in high school, but I’m over that!

Would you prefer a baby boy or girl?
Gee, I don’t know… I think I would prefer a baby boy! Boys are easier I think!

What was the weather like today?
It’s overcast… Meh! A little chilly!

What was the last thing you hid?
Uh… A condom! LOL!

Is there someone you’d like to fix things with?
“There’s nothing to fix.” <— Ditto!

Last time you were truly sad?
Probably yesterday morning, but I got pretty happy as the day progressed thanks to that someone new!

Are you tired right now?
I’m actually not!

Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight?
Oh yeah, I know I have!

Are you a heavy sleeper?
I think I can be!

Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months?
If I really like the person, anything is possible… Even 6 months! And then some!

What’s the longest you’ve ever talked on the phone?
Hmm, I know it was more than four hours!

What’s the closest thing to you thats liquid?
Bottle of water!

Do you wish you were somewhere else right now?
Yes… Yes I do! *sigh*!

Would you perform sexual acts for money?
Uh, no comment! LMAO!

Is there any emotion you’re trying to avoid right now?
Yeah, sadness maybe… A few others… I usually try to avoid most emotions! Ha ha!

Do you hate when people smoke around you?
Nah, I don’t mind it!

Where did you last cry?
This is going t sound really gay (uh DUH) but on Monday morning in Kelly’s couch with Said comforting me! Ah yes, it was a long weekend!!

Do you think that you’re a good person?
Hmm… I don’t know what kind of person I am anymore!

What are you listening to?
Bruises by Chairlift!

“Got bruises on my knees for you and grass stains on my knees for you, got holes on my new jeans for you, got pink and black and blue for you…”

Have you held hands with anyone recently?
Yeah, yesterday! Yesterday was really good to me!

Do you like winter time?
I love winter time! I don’t like the heat!

Name a high point of your day?
Today? Hasn’t ended yet, but I think I’ll enjoy my bike ride to the post office and then to the park… I just want to lay on the grass and watch the clouds pass by!

What do you hate the most?
Hmm… I don’t know!

What was your last thought before you went to bed last night?
“I’m ok… Let this week be a good week!”

What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?
Ah yes, let the week begin… I’m ready!

Have you ever walked on the beach at night?
Oh yeah… The only real reason I like summer is for the summer nights in the beach… After a hot day, the beach at night is just gorgeous… The clashing waves, the sound of the water, the empty horizon and the shinning stars… Endless thoughts come my way!

What would you rather do: cliff-jump or sky-dive?
Sky dive I think!

Who last texted you?
Have no idea… I lost my fucking phone! I have bad luck with phones!

What are you stereotyped as?
Hmm… I don’t know. Usually as a nerdy good kid! If only they knew! Ha ha!

Do you have any awesome plans for this summer?
Just to be awesome! Looks like we might be going to Vegas in a few weeks! Hells Yeah!

How often do you go on twitter?
Don’t even know what that means?

Tell me what’s on your mind?
Oh trust me, you do not want to venture into the cavernous void that is my mind… It’ll suck you up and you’ll be lost in there for days! It’s best if you just let me explain the thoughts that run through my mind! It never shuts up, and it sucks because these thoughts in my head keep me awake at night! See what I mean… Stop Talking Writing!


Are you currently looking for a significant other?
Uh… Don’t know what I’m looking for!?

Did the last person you kiss have tattoos?
I don’t think so… I didn’t see any! Lol!

How did you get your last bruise?
Ha ha, I think I fell! Speaking of bruises on knees, that’s where my bruise is at!

Who was the last person you took a picture with?
Uh, Said, Kelly or Sara! Don’t remember!

Who was the first person to text you today?
Don’t know, I don’t have my phone!

Are you currently sad about anything?
I’m trying not to be, but the feeling is kind of inevitable!

Are you tired?
Yeah… I’m tired!

Where were you at noon yesterday?
In my bed! Sleeping!

Would you hug the last person you hugged again?
Yeah, I know I want to!

Do you dance?
Of course! Did on Saturday! Lol!

Name something that made you frown today?
The packets of work I have to work on! Three of them! Grr!

Is there anyone you want to come see you?
I could name a few people! One is a little higher on the list! Creeping up there… Lol!

How would you feel if your last ex fell in love with someone else?
Hmm, the last person I dated, we only dated for like a month or so, and I would be happy that they found someone! My best wishes!

Are you in a good mood right now?
I’m in an ok mood! I’m not blue, but I’m not a ball of joy either!

Ever been called babe?

Do you have anything that belongs to a boyfriend/girlfriend?
Not at this moment!

Who was the last person you had an argument with?

Do you believe exes can be friends?
Sure… Depending on circumstances and what not!

Do you have a best friend?
Of course!

Are you in the middle of texting someone?
No Phone! Grr!

Would you ever live with anyone on your top friends?
I do… Said!

Is there someone on your mind that shouldn’t be?
Yeah! But it’s ok…

Do you think things will change in the next few months?
I don’t know… I hope so!

Do you know any of your neighbors?
Just Carrie… God, I think our other neighbors are scared of us! Ha ha!

Has anyone ever bought you a ring?

Who was the last girl you talked to?
Either Kelly or Sara!

Describe your day so far in three words:
Busy Work Schedule!

Look at your nails; Do they need to be cut?
They need a manicure… Lol! I’ve never had one!

Have you been on any type of online messengers today?
I will in a bit! Ha ha!

Who was the last person you called?
My cell phone to check my messages!

What are you wearing on your feet?
Socks and shoes!

About how many hours of sleep did you get last night?
Probably like 3 or 4! I have no idea, I think I went to bed at like 2am!

What was the most stressful project you had so far/while in school?
I think coming up with a final speech for speech class! I wasn’t sure what I wanted to talk about!

What are you currently dressed in?
Jeans and t-shirt! Quite casual!

List three things near you:
Paperwork, iPod and Water bottle!

What was the last thing you watched on the TV?
I was watching Dead Like Me last night on my computer… Good show!

What was the last thing you looked up on Google?
Taxi cab phone numbers in Encinitas!

Are you listening to any music right now? If so, what are you listening to?
Yeah… I am now listening to My Immortal by Evanescence! LOL!

Is your hair naturally straight?
No, it’s naturally fucked up!

Do you own a pair of slippers?
Flip Flops!

Who was the last person to make you smile?
The person! Ha ha!

Where was your default picture taken on myspace?
At work!

Do you think love is overrated?
No… Love is for the brave!

Who was the last person you kissed?
The person! LOL!

Was anyone there to see you kiss them?
Nope, just us two!

When was the last time you went on a cleaning spree?
It’s been weeks!

Did you have a valentine for valentines day?
Nope, I was singled out!

Is there something you want to say to someone but can’t/won’t?
Oh I think I’ve said what I had to say already, what I had been wanting to say for a real long time now! What will happen next, I have no idea, but no regrets here!

Is there snow on the ground where you are?
No, it’s San Diego, we don’t get snow!

What is keeping you warm right now?

Do you think it’s cute when a boyfriend/girlfriend gives a random gift?
Yeah… Those are cute little gestures!

Has anyone bought you a piece of jewelry?
Yeah, a friend did!