Man, this week was rather crazy… I won’t go over what happened as I kind of don’t remember, but I’m ok with forgetting! Let’s just say that I got my closure!

But then, I believed the saying, “The best way to get over an addiction, is to replace it with another…”

But you know, I thnk I’m dealing things with a little differently this time! I’m ok with saying what I think up front! No more beating around the bush! Ha ha!

So there’s a new person… And that’s where I’ll leave it at… We hang out, make whoopee, have a good time… I don’t know where this is going, but I’m ok with just enjoying the moment. Ha ha… I love how me and Said both have a person and we refer to them as “La Person”! Loves It!

Anyways, I’m at CoffeeBux Right now… Saw another cutie today at PSW! Or as Said likes to call it, PBS! Ha ha, that ghetto-fabulous biatch!

Oh yeah, so MMASM is down to the final three… I was shocked… I got teary eyed too because of the one that didn’t make it cried! Oh, how sad! “And Salome on the treadmill!” Ha ha, Loves It!

Ok, weight wise, I’m fluctuating between 150 and 155! Grr… Just when I thought I was down to 149… But I’m still doing my little work outs and all that!

Ok, I’m gonna go browse the web and chill till I have to go! Grr… I’m tired! Ha ha! I went to bed pretty late! I had been having sleeping problems these past couple of days! I didn’t sleep at all Tuesday night… The same thing on Wednesday, but only this time I went to work, but was sent home by my supervisor’s boss! I stayed up pretty late last night, but for very different reasons! My person was over, we were playing video games pretty late! LOL! Anyways, I hope I get some sleep tonight! I’m tired!