Ugh, I haven’t been writing… This sucks! I haven’t been reading either, but that’s a whole other story… I took on the task of watching Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning towards the end of May… And I finished the entire five seasons in about 3 weeks or so… And now I’m starting with Private Practice and some other shows… Dang!

The point is that I’ve been having too many distractions lately that have been keeping me from reading and writing.

I have my Creative Writing class today so I know I’ll be doing some writing then, but I want to continue doing some more writing on my own time. And it’s not as if I don’t have the time… I have a lot of time to write. There’s always time to write. Maybe perhaps I just haven’t been inspired like I was a while ago.

I feel that I did produce some pretty good pieces for my class though… Our first assignment was a Who Am I writing prompt. I got good feedback from the classmates I was assigned to work with so that’s pretty good. The thing is, I’m in a room full of writers, or people that want to write… These are all the competition in a way. But not really since we all have very different styles of writing. However, it definitely motivates me to become a better writer.

I haven’t been working on my fiction piece for over two or three weeks now. I wrote down some new names for characters but I still don’t know what roles they will play. I don’t even know when I’m starting this storyline. I was thinking High School, only because so many people can relate, but I so don’t want a Gossip Girlesque type  scenarios… Trying to come up with something original is kind of hard. And don’t get me started on the fucking writers block… I’ve been blocked for a few weeks now… The writing class came at a pretty good time. I’m so going to write today when I get to school.

I also started looking into the new class schedule for fall… I think I already know what classes I’m going to be taking.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve decided to try and go into Nursing! Yeah… How cliche is that! LOL!

But now, I’ve been getting interested more and more lately. I’ve always been interested in stuff like that, blood and medicine and all that… Which is one of the reasons why I’ve been interested in forensics, crime scene investigations and homicide detectives and all that… But I’m also interested in medicine. I would much rather be a doctor, but schooling for that is so long… So long! But nursing, that’s something a little more attainable and doable in less than five years! I want to be a trauma/er nurse. Be in the middle of all the incoming action and help there. 

I just figured I need to do something practical as it is hard when you’re a writer. I need a source of income… Ah, there is so much to ponder, so much to do, and like always, I feel like I have so little time to do it in… I want to have my career going by the time I’m 30! I actually do want to start a life by then… Still have fun, or maybe settle down even… Who knows… I just know I want a stable and successful career. More than anything, I want to wake up in my 30’s and not hate my life. That is my biggest fear… So far!

Ugh, I’m still at work and I have a whole hour and thirty minutes left till I’m off… I still have work to do, and I should be doing it, but it’s so tedious… It’s really quite simple… I’m just lagging it! Whatever, I like to daydream! LOL!

Ok ok, I’ll get back to work… I will definitely write later on though… Grr!