I just want to be done with this stupid problem  that I have going on… I’ve explained it so many times that I’m not going to get into it… But it is financially Killing ME!

The worst thing is though, a lot of this shit could’ve been avoided had I been much more responsible… But now I’m screwed… No thanks to family! It’s a long storie… But it’s basically a chain of events that transpired, took it’s two year time to to now, to this time where it decided to come back and screw me over! And not the good kind! Ugh… I just wanna be done with all this bull shit…

It’s no lie, when it rains it pours! I am getting my share of some for of karmic revenge… I don’t think I’ve done very fucked up things in the past, but I know I’m not that innocent either. If god is at play with this, he has a sense of humor! That or he really just doesn’t like me! Ok, creepy… As I was writing the last two sentences, the lights in the my office flickered! Was that a sign that Jebus has a sense of humor or that he just hates me… Grr! MAKE UP YOUR MIND GOOD LORD JEBUS! Geesh, some kids should just be put up for adoptions! Dang you! GRR!

Ok, enough about my conversations with the lord! I’m really not that screwed. My mother is helping me out. As she should as she is one of the culprits responsible for this whole mess! But I’m dealing with it, I should be done with it come Monday and that will be that!

In other news, I went to the SPJ Banquet yesterday where I was going to recieve an award. It was pretty nice actually. I was a little disapponted thought that the “Cocktail Social Hour” was BYOB (Buy Your Own Booze)! We thought it was going to be a hosted bar… But no, it wasn’t! At least the drinks weren’t that expensive so that was good!

I got second place in college media for my column! Southwestern got the 1st place this time… Take that SDSU! “Judges’ Comments: Thought-provoking, wide topic range, I enjoyed reading each of the columns”


Argh, it’s going to be a long day today! And I haven’t even eaten today! I wasn’t fed at work! This blows… I’m gonna be cranky! GRR! Nah, at least I had a coffee this morning!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention… I just haven’t been having any luck this year… I’m no pessimist and certainly not a martyr, but damn, I’m kind of scared of what will happen next! Anyways, so I’ve been having a lot of phone problems this year… First, the original phone that I had got wet when it freakishly started raining on me one night as I was walking home which pretty much gave my phone a stroke! It stoped working from it’s left side! Ok, so I got that one replaced, for free, only to loose the replacement a month later! So I had to buy another one! $280.00 form eBay as opposed to the $465 price tag from the carrier! And now, this motherfucker decides that it ain’t going to ring anymore… That’s right, the fucking SPEAKER went out! At least the bitch still vibrates… But ugh! Ugh! UGH!

It’s like one thing after another… When am I going to get a break! I’m remaining rather calm throughout all of this, and I haven’t fallen int a period of deep depression so at least that’s good! I tell ya, I’m an optimist! Good things will come my way eventually! I just hate that I have to wait for them! It’s not like I can go out there looking for good things! Grr! I mean, where does one even begin to look for good things! Certainly not at a bar! I know that for a fact! Ha ha! You can get other shit there like herpes or chlymidia! Not good things! But hey, there’s a little good everywhere so why not! I so want a drink now! HA HA!

Ok, I’ll get back to “work” since I’m gonna be here a while! Wish me luck people!

Oh yeah, I think I’m gonna start writing more… I mean, why not, it’s not as if I have money to do anything else! I hate being broke! Why can’t I just win the Lottery! GRR!