I had one of the most fun weekends… It was long, it was drunk and it was so random most of the time… It’s almost as if it has been a dream. A really nice, fun drunken dream at that, but just so fun…

So I guess it started Friday… Went out, me Ricky and Betty to the bar. Got a few drinks and hanged out. I guess it was like the pre-pride weekend hangout. BBut yeah, we had a good time. I got pretty drunk. We got ourselves some food, got home ate and then eventually I passed out after Betty left. Didn’t go to bed till like 3ish or maybe four!

Woke up the next morning at like 940ish. Ricky wanted me to start getting ready because the Pride Parade started at 11. I’d never been to the pride parade before so I was excited and anxious to go. So we got ready and walked over.

It was hellah hot… I was hot, but found a nice spot with shade where there was a good breeze blowing… There was a lot of people there too. OMG, there was a lot of people at pride so many gorgeous looking people!

But yeah, I liked the parade, it was rather fun… I liked a lot of the messages I saw. I snapped some pictures which are located on my Myspace so check them out.

But anyways, we later on met up with a friend of Ricky’s so we went to look for him. When we found him we were just watching the floats and hanging out and chit chatting. Then some other guys came, friends of the guy and invited us over to their pad because they had more booze. So we went over… Got ourselves some drinks and hanged out. It was cool! We later went back to the parade and walked around. As it started to die down we figured we would take off because both me and Ricky didn’t really have much money. So as we were walking away I saw Junior so he hugged me hi and introduced me to two of his friends, Gerardo and Ace… I wouldn’t know this until Sunday day that Gerardo is quite an awesome young guy, but more of that later…

Anways, we said our hi’s and goodbyes and as we walked a few paces forward the friends of the guy we were with spotted us and invited us over to the house again because they were having a little party, so of course we went… When we arrived, a few minutes later, Junior and his friends showed up, small world, so we all had a great time with each other….

We all had a good time, but I immediately got distracted by someone… Caught my eye and I was just drawned to this person. But anyway, we were later invited to a second party nearby, so we all made our drinks and walked on over to the second party. And yeah, the second party was really chill and fun too… The host was really nice and had a real cute apartment.  It was in this party that I decided to go after what I wanted which was the person who had caught my eye earlier… At first it was a challenge because there was someone around talking to him, but I manage to steal his attention to me and it turned out to be a pretty good thing. We talked all day and most of the night on Saturday…

Then, we went to Encinitas to kick it with Kelly and Evy and he came with us too… Like always, had a blast with the girls, and Evy met some guy at the bar… Oh and I broke Kelly’s towel bar in her bathroom… But I swear it was PG-13 in there… Lol!

But yeah… Sunday came and it was chill… Went to a hotel where Junior and his frirend Gerardo were at so me and Ricky went over. So yeah, it was chill… Talked to Gerardo almost the whole time I was there… But yeah, we ended up hanging out afterwards. Everyone was gonna go to the festival, but I didn’t have money so I decided to take off. Gerardo didn’t want to go, but he didn’t want to go home yet so we went to go get some food and talked the rest of the time he was here… Overall, it was a nice day.

It was such a great weekend. But I’m ready to come back to reality… It was a fun weekend, but yeah, I’m ready to return to normal… So yeah, I’ll hold to the memories though… And I have pics on my myspace.