The five-day window period is closed… On to the weekend… It’s time for another rampage!

I’m going to share my piece of creative flash fiction… It’s one of my assignments for my intro to creative writing class! Let me know what y’all think!!! Please note, this is a pure piece of fiction… So I’m not writing about anyone here… Just something I came up with, and the characters are fictional! Just so y’all know!

Flash Fiction

My Friend’s Infidelity

             There he was, walking into the bar alone, knowing that he had the perfect man at home. Yet still, he seems unhappy. Something he chooses not to acknowledge.

            We have been going out constantly, but it’s become too much of a pattern. And as he walked into the bar, I went through my head wondering when it all started as I waited by the end of the bar, near the pool table where we usually sat.

            At first I thought it was loneliness. Charlie traveled constantly with his job. He was gone at least three weeks out of a month. Mostly, it was Wednesdays through Saturdays. He’d leave for his business trips to San Francisco or Sacramento Wednesday mornings and return home midday Saturdays or early Sunday mornings. It depended on the volume of work. I was so familiar with the schedule because that was all James would ever talk about in the beginning. But then, somehow, he got used to it. And then the constant going out started happening.

            It was fun in the beginning. We would do it every other weekend. James had never been much of a drinker, yet he was keeping up with my bad habit more and more. And after a few months of our constant outings, I started to realize that he was drinking as much as me, almost to the point of surpassing me. I don’t know why it didn’t hit me sooner. Perhaps I was having too much fun and I was glad that I was hanging out with my friend again.

            It wasn’t until I lost him one night that I realized there was more behind our constant partying and drinking than just for the fun of it. I guess I hadn’t noticed, but James had been fooling around on Charlie for a few months now. I think I chose to ignore, pretending not to see his flirtatious smiles and friendly conversations with strangers that would buy him drinks. I thought he was happy with his relationship with Charlie.

            The first few months, when they started dating, I rarely saw him. Once they got settled with each other, about 8 months in the relationship, I began to see more and more of both of them. It wasn’t until a year and a half into the relationship that Charlie started traveling more and more.

            At first it was occasional trips, about 4 or 5 days out of the month. But Charlie was good at what he did, a sales and marketing expert, so he quickly moved up in his advertising company. It took James a few months to get used to Charlie’s constant traveling, but even before then, he didn’t look to happy. I don’t know if they were having problems that James wasn’t telling me about, but from the outside, they seemed to be in a rather loving relationship. How I envied them.

            Yet here I was, waiting at the end of the bar, Gin and Tonic in hand, about to talk to my friend and confront him. I don’t know why I keep going out with him, completely aware now of what he’s doing and not doing anything about it. I wonder if he knows that I’m aware of his infidelity. How could he not, he isn’t too discreet.

            I feel somewhat responsible. It was I who was always asking him to come out for drinks with the boys. It was I that suggested he come out for a night in the town of drinks instead of staying home alone waiting for Charlie to call. I’ve made my friend a cheater, and somehow, I think I’ve condone it.

            I knew that I had to put a stop to it when Charlie had asked me if everything was ok with James. It caught me off guard that I was pretty sure that Charlie noticed something, for he saw it in my face, and was persistent that I knew something.

            “Alex, if there’s something going on with James you need to tell me. I know I’ve been working a lot lately, but he just seems different. He’s been distant with me these past couple of months. I just need to know if he’s ok.” I couldn’t look him in the eyes as he pleaded, hoping to hear me say that everything was fine.

            James took a seat next to me, startling me and drawing me back to the bar from my thoughts, ordered himself a Long Island and so very softly spoke, “hey, what’s going on?”