It’s true. There’s always something… Or someone! Ugh… It’s annoying that I always get all wrapped up in these romantical situations… The most annoying part is that I care! Ok, ok… So I’m not all wrapped up in them, but I do care about it, which annoys me. And I don’t like being annoyed. Which is why I’m annoyed by romatical situations… I care, and I get annoyed because I care of such frivolous things! GRRR! But are they… Is it bad to care about such things! BLEH! It’s annoying! Perhaps the situation is just annoying! Ha ha, I’m obviously bothered by it since I’m writing about it… Grr!

Which is why I decided to focus on my stuff… I know I’ve said that I was going to do it in the past, but I just haven’t gotten around it. I’ve been pretty busy! Work, school, social life… It’s sometimes busy trying to balance all three out. I manage, but I don’t make time for the other things! The one that I leave out is the whole physical activity thing! I haven’t been active in a while! Which is why I’m starting up again today!

I told myself that I was going to challenge myself to do this. I like a challenge! So I need to do this… But I want to do this too! My goal: to be at a good physical fitness level. I’ve been really bad with it.

I went running a while ago, but I couldn’t keep up! I got winded pretty quickly, tired and out of breath! My muscles weren’t sore though which was good… I do stretch, but I haven’t stretched as often as I used to… But I’m starting up again!

The plan, I want get better in my physical fitness… So, I’m starting up by running, doing some lite workouts here at work and at home, but I’m going to amp it up. The truth is, I want to see results! There’s an overall goal in mind, but it’s more of a two year plan! I just want to be in good shape by the end of the year… I had made it a new years resolution to drop down in weight, but I’m changing my goal to just try to be more physically healthy and active… But I still do want to drop down in weight! I’ve been doing pretty good with the weight thing, but I want more change! I’ve been fluctuating between 150 and 155… I want to go down to 140… I know a lot of people think that it’s a very low number, but I want to go down to 140 so that I can burn all my fat! I want to get rid of the fat then start on building lean muscle! An overall goal is to eventually start rock climbing!

I went rock climbing when I was in high school one time and it was amazing! To challenge my body like… To use my brain to think of where to go next, then use all the muscles in my body to climb! It was an amazing feeling! I did pretty good, but I was only able to climb one rock wall, the other one was too hard! And at the time, I was very heavy still… It was in high school so I weighed like 185 back then!

Oh, and I was cracking up the other day because I was looking at my ID and they added like 20 pounds to it… So according to my CA ID, I weigh 175! HA!

Yeah, I’m hoping I do well with my challenge! I’ll need to work it into my schedule once school starts, but until then, I have plenty of time to start getting my body and lungs used to running! I used to do it all the time, so I just need to re-learn how to breathe and pace myself when I run! I want to work on my mile time too! The best mile I eve did was back from high school! It was like 8:30! But that was a long time ago! The best mile I’ve done, it was last year, was 11:25! So I want to go back to that, even though it’s not close to the one from high school, but I’m pacing myself! We’ll see!

But yeah, focus more on the goals and less on the game and the romatical issues! I’m just going to put all of that into a little box and just put it away! It doesn’t mean that I won’t deal with that stuff, but it just means that I’ll put it aside for now! Besides, I’m in no hurry for anything, and I do have to set my priorities straight! Yeah… The game! Sometimes it’s just a game, other times… Well, y’all get the picture!