Yet remnants of the day before were present…

Remnants that consisted of memories of this and that

I look back and I see the images in my head

And no matter how hard I may try

I can’t escape my conciousness

As numb as I try to be

I can’t help but feel

and it feels

not good

Yet, life keeps

and it keeps on going

and no matter how much I feel

that I might deserve the punishement

of my ways, I still feel that frivilous hope

that some day, one day, I shall meet the one…

The one that will put a smile on my face, the one

that will make me look forward to everyday without

any sense of remorse or regret, the one that will really make

me a happy person….

I can’t appologize, and I don’t forget….

But I look forward still

to that day,

the day that I say,

I do!