‘What a  week… I find myself tired by as the weekend rolls by, but I told myself that I want to start new routines. Saturday morning rolled in and instead of sleeping in, I woke my arse up and had myself a bowl of cereal. I’m going to do a light workout in a bit, but I’m looking to remaining active today.

I could have just slept in, but I dunno, I think this would be good in the long run. I’ve been going to the gym five days a week. It used to be that I would try to go on Saturdays too, but I think what I’ll do is just remain active on Saturdays and consider them a “taking it easy on the workout” day.

What I’m going to do is some workouts here at home, crunches, push ups, squats, dumbells workout and then walk over to Starbucks. I consider the bucks a treat, but I’ve been pretty good over the week so I think I should treat myself. Besides, I’ll be going for a Grande Nonfat Peppermint Mocha, so It’s not all that bad…

I can’t remember If I’ve mentioned this on here already, but I’ve been doing pretty good with my workouts. I reduced my time on my treadmill this week from 40 minutes to 35. Next week I think I’ll be reducing it again to either 30 or 25, but this is because I’ll be starting the Stairmaster next week… I like saying Stairmaster because it sounds epic almost… “STAIRMASTER!” Ha ha, it seriously is a bitch of a workout though.. I remember back in my chunky days when I was going to 24 Hour Fitness over in Mission Valley Mall (I was around 19 or 20), I attempted to do the “STAIRMASTER” for about ten minutes. I only achieved like six out of ten… I do remember sweating a lot.

Yeah, stairmaster next week. I want to work on my thighs and I think I need to change up my workout… What I’ll do is work on the stairmaster on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for some 3 weeks. In those three days and weeks I think I’ll bring my treadmill time down to 25. Keep note that the times of my treadmill time include the 5 minute cool down period (so when I say 25, 30, 35 and 40, add some 5 minutes to it). Bringing my time down to 25 on those days will allow me to do 10 minutes (if I last) on the stairmaster and get a real good workout.

I’m trying to push myself to keep going because so far, my workout regime, not to mention my eating habits, have been paying off… According to my Wii Fit (I used it a bit ago to “weigh in”), I’ve gone down in my BMI from 25.16 to 24.18 (I think that’s what it was), and my weight down from 159 to 153! YAY! Not only that, but I’ve noticed it around my waist too…

I went shopping a few weeks ago and was surprised to see that the size 32 jeans that I picked up to try on fit me loosely. Grabbed a size 31, and what do you know, still loose. Moved on to a size 30 and I found myself with a perfect fit. But I’ve noticed that the size 30 jeans were still a bit loose. I like my jeans to fit me snugly. Not too tight (NO skinny jeans for me) and not too loose, just right. They fit me very well, but I think I might try my luck with a size 29 next time I go shopping, which will be towards the end of April! YAY!

Truth is, I just love the fact that I can fit in clothes that fit me well. Not only that, but they look good too. New shirts, and all that stuff, isn’t bulging on the sides and I love it! I could say that I’m content with my current weight and look, but I know I can do better. Why stop now… When you think you are pushing yourself hard, push even harder and ante up the standards. I think I’m going to need to push myself towards my miles too. I did about an average of 3.5 miles a day this week, but I think I’m going to try to aim for a higher number. I’ll be reducing my treadmill time but that might only mean that I’ll have to push a little harder to get there…

In other non-health-and-fitness news, Loving the new Almost Alice album, soundtrack of music inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Although I didn’t like the movie as much as I liked (I was expecting a sense of awe like the one I got from Avatar), I still liked the movie. Also, downloaded some old songs from sometime around the 90’s that I didn’t discover until this week… Weird, seeing as I am a 90’s kid! Come Down, Take a Picture and Wild Horses… Good Songs!

Anyways, I’m off… Walking to Starbucks to chill and read my book… I’ll consider that my light cardio after my light workout! 🙂