I remember when I started blogging some 5 years ago… I used to do it all the freaking time. Almost everyday I would add a post. It was as if my life, my thoughts (most random and obscure), my daily routines and activities, it was all available for the public to read about. I was an open book. Ok, not really. I would always post blogs but in ways that I didn’t reveal too much. Obscure really. I would always let the public know what I was saying, never what I was really thinking. Does that make sense? Probably not, but it was the way I used to write. I haven’t written in a long while. I Can’t remember the list time I blogged either. According to WordPress, my last blog was back in June… That was quite a long time ago if you ask me.

It’s a new year now and I’m thinking I’m wanting to go back to some blogging… I haven’t really written in a long while, in both any of my blogs and in my journal. I have no idea when my last journal entry was? I think I wrote in it sometime in June? I have no idea!

Yeah, things are very different now. I’m definitely in a very different place in my life… I wasn’t sure how I feel about my current place in the world (ha ha, world)! I’m pretty content I’ll have to admit. Had anyone asked me a year ago where I think I would be, I would not have guessed where I am now. Living at home, with two dogs, no romantic prospects in the horizon (this would’ve been more likely) and drinking way less (the shocker this one)… I think I’ve stayed in the last two weekends voluntarily (Gasp). My funds have really been going towards something else really!

And in come the pups: Jet and Ace. So yeah, I started working at the Department of Animal Services back in September. I was pretty excited to land this job as I had been unemployed for 3 months. Now, I was so used to living in apartments that I was ok with not having pets, but secretly I had always wanted one. When I had my cat back at my first apartment I had a lot of fun with him, and I really enjoyed his company (I realize how sad it sounds but don’t judge me, LOLZ). Anyways, I moved over to my apartment on Meade and the unit had been flea infested, so I gave my cat up to my mom and he lived there. Anyways, when I was living over at Mead in unit 2, I almost got a cat, but then I moved and the rest was history. Anyway, working at the shelter, so many cute dogs would come in and out but it was never really the right one. It took me a while before I knew which one I wanted. Also, there was the convincing of my ma to be ok with me getting a dog.

Once the feat of convincing my ma of getting a dog was settled, it was now time to find the right dog… Little did I know that the dog would have chosen me. My then unnamed dog came into the shelter as a stray and she immediately warmed up to me. Instantly choosing me and laying her head on my lap, I knew that this was the dog for me. She wasn’t a German Shepherd, my favorite type of dog, but there was no way I could’ve said no to that face. Jet came home on December 2nd and has been a joy. She is such an awesome dog that is full of energy. Because of our work hours though, Jet was pretty lonely and so I wanted to get another dog (working at an animal shelter always makes you want to take some pets home)! And in came Ace. Ace is my 3 month old pup that has been such a blast since he got home. A ball of energy himself, and such a kick ass little monster, Ace and Jet have been getting along great. Sure, they do play rough every so often, but they are so good when it’s their down time. And what’s best is that they walk very well on leash.

I have my hands full. Two dogs make for a busy schedule. And a lot of responsiblity! There’s feeding times to figure out, walks to be done, exercise and then their social interactions. Yeah. I know, I’ve turned into this dog/animal lover person, but I’m ok with that. I’m not about to change my profession though for two dogs are quite enough… LOL.

In regards to everything else in life… I have to admit, I’m pretty ok with where I am in life. Things are slow and I’m ok with that. Every so often I get this feeling that I’m running out of time. It’s like a sense of helplessness that I can’t shake. I personally like to have a plan of things. I used to be pretty good about planning things out. Lately, I’ve been trying the more “go with the flow” approach to things. I have to say, I have no complaints.

Things have been good these past couple of months. Things with the family is good, making new friends left and right, re-adjusting expectations on this  and that… reconnecting here and there. There’s just a plethora of changes that have gone on and It’s all for the better.

My 25th birthday is coming up and my only worry/concern is that I have no idea what I want to do or how I want to celebrate it. Do I wanna have a blow out, do I want to have a chill evening, do I want to party all weekend long? Obviously I have more responsibilities now so I can’t just think of myself anymore. And I’m not about to get in trouble with the law again! Fuck that! So we’ll see what I plan for my B’Day! I think I took it easy on my 23rd and 24th birthdays, so maybe I might want to do something more… We’ll see. I’ll need to ponder all suggestions and ideas and seek available options.

Tonight, I just want to go home and hang out with my dogs. I know, it sounds a little lame, but I guess it’s who I am now… Awe, c’mon, who wouldn’t want to hang out with those two little buggers (lol)!