I went back to the gym, and boy did it hit me on how out of shape I got. Back in March of 2010, I managed to get my weight and down to 150 and my jean size to 29… Now, I’m up some 15 pounds, but luckily, I still fit into my 30’s but I’m staying away from the 29’s! Grrr.

So yeah, I took my heffa ass to the gym today. I’m going to focus on cardio. I went on the treadmill for 25 minutes, and man did that suck. I had gotten my mile down to 8 minutes, but today, I finished my mile in 10:16! Balls! Before, I was able to do 2.7 miles in 25 minutes, but today, 2 miles! BLEH! My goal for the month. Try to go down some 5 (or 8) pounds and bring my mile down from 10 minutes to 9 minutes.

And, I really need to cut back on all that crap I’ve been eating. Which means, no more Venti Non-Fat Peppermint Mocha. Sure, it’s non-fat, but that bitch is still loaded with a whole lot of calories and sugar. Don’t let the “non-fat” fool you. I get it still because really, it’s like a treat for me.

No more treats for me from now on. It’s time to be strict on myself and cut back on the sugar candy sweets chocolate Sweets! I think I’ve had enough and really, it’s time to get my arse back in shape. Oy Vey, let’s see how I do. I’ll definitely be writing about it though. Hmm, maybe this will help after all? 🙂