Ok, this whole living at home situation is getting old very quick. Don’t get me wrong, I like living at home (takes the ease off my wallet), and I’m getting along with my ma, but every so often I get so freaking tired of hearing her bitch and whine and victimize herself and yelling and blah blah blah! Argh!

I’m pretty much venting on this post because she got all bitch mode today because her “allergies” were acting up because of the dogs. Ok, really? If she were allergic, she would be having reactions to her petting them and all that stuff. Really, she just likes to complain. I swear to god, that woman isn’t happy unless she’s complaining about something! Gee, I wonder where I get it from! LOLZ. Although I don’t think I complain a lot… Or do I?

Anyways, because I’m saving a lot of money by being here, I’ve decided to stay this year (if I can stand it if I make it) and just go ahead and start paying off my car. I still have two years on my loan, and I could probably refinance and make my payments shorter, but I think I would much rather just get it done with. 1 Year. It goes faster than one thinks. I just got to take it day by day! Lord help me!

But yeah, once I get that done, and all while paying off my credit cards so that I can bring up my credit score, I’m going to look into getting myself a condo… I am tired of living with someone else. I’m ready to just be me, myself and my pups! Unless I start seeing someone (yeah, like that’s going to happen any time soon), and even then, it’ll have to be a year (and then some) if I even decided to move in with a significant other (I am no 2nd date/week/month Uhauler)!

And I’m trying to squeeze in school this year too. God Damn I have my hands full this year! It’s going to be a busy one… Ahemm!