Ok, so I’ve been feeling a little off lately. Not off as in crazy or anything like that… Just… Off! Aloof maybe. I dunno. I feel weird.

I think I’ve been thinking too much on this and on that. I don’t know, I feel annoyed and a little irritated. Why? I have no idea. Maybe it’s because I’ve been feeling a little sick. I was not feeling good at all Saturday morning. My stomach felt all fudged up and I was just too nauseous to do anything but lay there so I called in sick and slept all morning long. I always let the dogs out in the morning, but after their morning business and feeding, they were more than eager to get back into bed with me too so we literally slept the morning away. It felt so good to sleep in until 2pm.

As the night progressed, I got better, and so I decided to go out for a couple of drinks with Marcus. Yeah, note to self: When you say a couple of drinks, try to mean it!

Somehow, I ended up with four drinks and two (three?) shots of some blue liquid and pretty much a mess by the end of the night. The rest of the night was a blur (and I hate that), and I have a feeling that I ended up crying (or whining) sometime towards the end.

The night out didn’t really help, although I was glad to just go out and talk and hang out with Marcus and company. If anything, I felt worse come Sunday night. It was just a bad weekend thanks to the hangover. I feel like I’m still out of it though which is weird. I hope I’m not getting sick! BLEH!

In other news, I start school in like two weeks. And I didn’t get a chance to buy my books. Both books are in the hundreds and I haven’t even tried to check out KB Books to see if I could find them Used. I really wanted to go to the first week of class with at least the first two chapters read for both classes. Oh well, better luck next semester. Maybe I’ll check out the library and see if they have them. I hope they do.