Yeah, today has been pretty nice. Nothing special in particular. Ok, no yeah, something special kinda I guess. I don’t know, but I totally get when somebody says that it’s the little things that put a smile on your face and the little things that count… Yeah, like cutsey little text messages wishing you a good day. That was sweet.

And work, yeah, it’s been going well too. A lot of nice eye candy. I had my lunch and then I went for a walk cause it was such a nice day. I feel like I’m all giddy which is a really good turn around from how crappy I’ve been feeling. Definetly wanting to hit the gym tonight for sure though because my fat ass (not to mention my thighs) feels a little too cozy in these jeans. Damn you unemployment 15!! Damn you to hell!

In other news… Actually, there isn’t any other news because I have nothing going on… I think I want to do something this weekend… What? I don’t know yet. I do start school in two weeks though so I should really just be kicking back and enjoying all this stress-free freedom and free time I have. I just used the word “free” so many times! Bleh!

I wanna go home now!