Let this rant and bitchin’ begin:

Had a long day at work. It was person after person. As if there wasn’t enough in my head to keep me occupied (those intense silly thoughts that go in and out), I had the awesome task of multitasking this and that. I swear to JC, sometimes people get stupider as the day progresses. Luckily, it wasn’t one of those days. Okay questions and simple tasks here and there. Just a butt (ha ha, butt) load of work. I had the awesome chance and opportunity to use the skills that are so nicely printed on my resume, the wonderfully balanced art of multitasking! I got to answer question, help out someone with an adoption, all while holding a phone to my ear, my walkie-talky in one hand and the stapler in the other, while trying to clear my mind of the various thoughts that enter my mind (kisses, where is my red underwear, I need to loose those extra pounds, do I want Subway or just chips, where the heck are my new headphones, what show can I catch up on, that is one good looking DILF, when can I kiss “him” again, I need chap stick, do I have enough food for the dogs to last me until next next payday, I don’t want to wake up early tomorrow, shit, I forgot to put this dog on Adoption Exam)!

Closing time came and went and I was still in my computer trying to figure out why the hell this person had two Person ID’s (program lingo), thinking in my head, “so, your ex-wife right? :-)” and trying to not piss off my Lieutenant by making a rookie mistake! GRR. Finished all the additional stuff we needed to take care of for the following day, because of course we are going to be doing overtime on a Sunday and I have to be at work at 745am! To add the cherry on top of this wonderfully delicious Sunday Saturday, I walk to my car all happy to be off and I see my little hatch back looking a little flop sided. On closer inspection, the back right tire is flat and I now have to change it and put in the spare. My hands are dirty, my face is oily, I’m on my knees (not the fun kind), I’m a little tired and annoyed, but continue on to change my tire! Mission accomplished, it is now 7:15pm and I’m now on my way home, ETA, 800pm? Surprisingly enough, 745ish! I like it fast I’m a little speed demon 🙂

I now have a flat tire in the back of my car, rolling around in the donut, I have no money to buy a new tire, my car is in serious need of an alignment, not to mention that damn oil change and an additional two new tires, because let’s face it, It’s only going to get worse. Sink or swim Luis, sink or swim…

It’s all good though, because as I see over these next few months, I’ll have to make those adult decisions where I decide to get a new tire instead of a Vodka Soda. I will get that oil change instead of those Gucci prescription sunglasses I had been wanting to get for the summer. I will get that alignment and say goodbye to a summer trip to Disneyland (who wants to stand in line for a ride on a hot ass summer day anyone?…)! I will not indulge in that Veggie Burger and Vegan Chili Cheese Fries, Subway, Togo’s and all those other Vegetarian friendly fast food joints and get that other tire that I need, and maybe, just maybe loose those extra pounds by sticking to my (unfortunately simple yet satisfying) diet of cereal and sandwiches…

Yeah, I’m not stressed… It really sounds like a lot. And it is. I get it. But I’m not stressed. I’m not freaking out. I’m not yelling at the top of my lungs, or ripping apart my pillows. I’m cool, I’m calm, I’m collected. I’m listening to my tunes, petting my dogs, hitting the treadmill and looking forward to tomorrow, with hopes that it is a better day. There’s good things to look forward too. There are some good stuff happening. And if it doesn’t happen, then tomorrow is another day. I’m not obsessing, I’m not being compulsively anal and overly critical or a freak. It is what it is, and regardless of the series of unfortunate events, all is good. I have everything under control. I’m gonna go stuff myself with food now and eat my feelings! Ha ha, just kidding. I really have to pee though… =)