I had such a good time with my niece the other day at the park that I totally want to go back and take another stroll through Balboa Park. Ubber exicted to be hanging with her uncle at Balboa ParkWe walked throught the side of the park first and headed towards the fountain. Darlah was staring at it with awe. Then, she decided to dunk her foot in the fountain and I had to run after her because I knew she probably would’ve jumped in. After that, we headed towards the Natural History Museum to look at the building from the outside. Her little face was priceless as she looked at the big ass building with amazement.

Afterwards we walked besides the fountain, but I strapped her in her stroller because I didn’t want her running over to the pond. She’s a fast little booger. We headed towards the Botanical Gardens where she walked around looking at all the little plants and at marveled at the big building. It was just so relaxing. We sat in there for a while looking at some plants here and there.

Pretty GreenAfter all that walking around that we did she was pooped. She ended up passing out in the car and totally missed out on lunch. I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go, but then my cousin texted me and he suggested I go to his store for lunch. I am glad I did. I had this delicious Southwest salad with Avocados and Black Beans. It was oh so good. I want one now!

I want to swing by again with my dogs and just walk through the museums again. I definitely want to check out the museums one of these days too. I haven’t been to the science center or the natural history museum since I was a kid.

In other news… I have no other news really. I’m just hella bored at work. There are so many things I could really talk about and dive into but I rather not. There’s all this drama at home and I’m just sick and tired of it too. I definitely want to get out. I have to wait until I get out of this financial crunch I’m in. I’m so going to be looking to move back to the Uptown area though for sure. Either North Park or University Heights. Hopefully I’ll find something affordable that will allow two dogs.

I have two options, either I save up all my monies and move out by the end of the year, or I tough it out, give an extra to my car payment and finish paying my car by the end of the year? What to do, what to do? On the bright side, I did get my tire fixed. Took it to the tire shop and they patched it up real nice and it only cost me $7.25. So now I have a little more money than I thought I would.

I’m starting up my gym routine too. I’ve been feeling so tired though it’s been dragging me down. I need to adjust my sleep cycle and start going to bed early because I don’t think I’m getting enough sleep. I didn’t go to bed last night till like midnight, and the night before I stayed up till around 1am. I am trying to increase my diet though. I’m adding more eggs, because I hadn’t been eating them much. I’ve been pretty good about eating somewhat healthy, but I had taken a few liberties here and there. And they weren’t that bad of “liberties” either. I need to be stricter though. I’m such a weakling.

What else is there to discuss. I guess that’s it for now. I guess I’ll get back to work now… … BLEH!