It’s like a limbo… A routine of the same thing, over and over. Yet, it’s the middle of the year now. It’s like time just breezed on by. It feels like it went by slow and steady, yet as fast as an unexpected gale. It’s been a whole year since I’ve been home too and I’m really looking forward to getting out and finding my own place again. Of course, now I’m 2 more than when I arrived, which will make finding a place all that much harder. If only I could just win the lottery. That would just make everything much more easier. If I won, I’d totally buy a house and probably go to school full time! That would be pretty Freaking AWESOME!!!

I have to admit though, that by acquiring my two little terrors bundles of joy, I have made things a little bit harder for me to try and find a place to live. If they were small dogs, then it probably wouldn’t be so bad. The thing is, they’re medium sized dogs. Jet is pretty petite for her medium size. She is in the 30-35 pound range though! My Chunky butt is is the one that worries me a little though. For one he’s a terrier, which those little fuckers can be pretty yappy. He’s not a small terrier though. He’s gonna be 9 months at the end of June and he’s already 45 pounds or more! He’s not a chunky dog, he’s just hefty! And I swear I am not over feeding him. He’s getting puppy food still and I only give him 2 cups. He’s on a feeding schedule, so he gets one cup in the morning and one cup in the afternoon. Some of the weight charts suggest that he should be getting from 3 to 4 cups, but I don’t want him turning into a really big chunky butt! I also wonder if he’s gonna get any bigger? He’s not that tall, he’s almost as tall as Jet, and she goes to a little above my knee.

Jet on the other hand is quite slender. I’m wondering if maybe Ace is eating her food and letting her starve? Maybe that’s why she’s all slender and petite. But I’ve seen her eat so I know she does eat her food. She’s my good girl. She’s well behaved and is pretty good when it comes to commands. My worry about her is that she’s a little bit of a scaredy cat… Err, dog! She scares easily and it’s somewhat of a concern. She’s getting better but still… They’re good dogs overall, so I shouldn’t have a problem with them and finding an apartment or whatever. I’m just worried that I would disqualify me! Grr. I’m hoping that if I make a little doggy resume might help.

I’m thinking that maybe by the end of the year things would be good and I should have enough saved up to move out. The only thing would be that I would need to have like three times the amount of rent. It would have to be 1st month’s rent, deposit and dog deposit. That’s a lot of money! BLEH!

Anyways, I’ve been talking a lot of cutesy little pictures. Like the cute Little Duckie at work today or the one of the White Lilies. So pretty. I’m thinking I’m gonna want to start blogging again about the random stuff and probably take more pictures. Maybe. I know I probably won’t keep up with it but we’ll see.

In other news, I’ve been thinking about taking up violin lessons. It’s actually doesn’t seem like it would be too expensive but maybe right now it’s not the best time. I really need to focus better on getting out of here and trying to find a good place for me and my dogs. If I did take up the Violin lessons, it would probably be like around $180 a month, but probably a little less. It would consist of four lessons a month and I would also need to provide my own violin. I looked online and they’re not that expensive for a beginner violin, around $250 or so.

I’m just looking into trying something new because I need to change it up. I’ve had some change already this past year but I think I need a little more. Something new for sure. Things to be going at a pretty steady pace lately yet it’s already the middle of the year. Maybe I’ll try to do more things for summer. Which sucks because it’s just around the corner and I wanted to be in tip top shape by summer time! Sucks. I’ve been lagging it with working out and eating healthy. I’ve been eating healthy, but been taking some liberties with nutrition every so often. I’ve been doing good with working out, but I am so tired lately too that I don’t even want to go some days. Like tonight. I am so tired. I know I should go, but I really want to stay home and pass out! I might just do that, but Grr, I’d be lagging it again. I don’t know what to do? BLEH.

Also, I really need to start writing my ideas down for a “book” I’ve been working on in my head. It’s a matter of just writing it down every so often. I don’t know if I want to write it down on paper first and then transfer it to a word document, or just have a word document set up. I definitely need to have a rough draft first of everything. And I need to brainstorm and put my ideas together.

There’s so much to do and I feel like there’s so little time to do it in. Why do I always feel like that. I like the slow and steady, yet at the same time I want to rush things and just get through it. I dunno. I’m a little lost right now. I need to figure out what my next step is.