How do I know I was successful with my new schedule? Not only did I do a pretty good job about following it (with the exception of Tuesday because that’s when I created it), I am so freaking tired. But I’ve been pretty good with following it and staying on task.

I thought I was gonna have a hard time getting up hella early in the morning because I was adjusting my schedule even more than before. I used to get up at 630-645ish, but I switched it to 530am! That’s like literally the butt-crack of dawn! It wasn’t so bad though. The biggest feat about that was just getting out of beed. I wake up to find both my dogs all snuggled up on me, so me being all work and cozy and restricted made it hard to just get up and out. I’d wake up and Jet would be right next to me and on my pillow. Yup, she takes half of my pillow and sleep on it. It’s funny because depending on my position, when I wake up if I am on my side (fetal position), we’ll be back to back, and if I’m facing up, her head will be rested on my shoulder/chest or arm. Ace usually sleeps on the floor, but lately he’s been snuggling up on  my legs or right on my ass. It is getting colder so we all benefit from snuggling up. =)

So my mornings start at 530am and I head to the gym at 545ish so that I can be there by 6. Once there I start with 15 minutes of stretching/pushups and what not, and then I move on to cardio… I want to amp it up to 30 minutes, but because of time, I’m only doing about 25 minutes right now. I do 15 minutes on the treadmill and then do 10 minutes on the bike. Next week I’m either going to do 10 minutes on the eliptical or 10 minutes on the rowing machine thingy. I wanna mix up my routine so that I don’t plateu.

The schedule has been working out pretty well though so I’m actually really happy that I did it.  Study time has been alright. I’ve been catching up on my reading so it’s not the best (especially considering I’m not the fastest reader). I find myself kind of dozing off which doesn’t help my concentration, but it’s not so bad. Plus, that little walk with the dogs has been pretty good about energizing me and giving me that extra umph.

I think I’m gonna do a little jog with them because they really enjoy it. I jogged with them yesterday and they’re doing so much better now. There’s still a little bit of tugging but they need the correction and that’s all on me. I think I’m gonna jog with them next week and see how that goes.

I’m going to take advantage of Sunday and totally focus on studying for all of my classes. I got flash cards at Wal-Mart yesterday and everything so I’m all set up. I just need to print my slides for my biopsych class and figure out the important stuff for my counseling class, so I think I’ll be all good.

I’m hoping I do even better by next week and a little less tired. Tonight is about me though. Tonight, i will drink (not too much cause I’m done with getting stupid), and tomorrow is more work. I’m thinking laundry day, oil change if I can fit it in and study time later on in the night. I wanted to clean my room and pack my DVD’s and get rid of this big ass book case that’s housing my dvd’s but I don’t think I’ll have time. It’s either I go do laundry or I do all of that cleaning. And I don’t have time on Monday to do any  of that because there was this training for work that I wanted to go to. Tsk tsk. I guess I’m going to have to tough it out and wake up early on Sunday and try to get all of that done. I do have until 545ish to finish all of that so maybe I’ll be able to get it done. We’ll see. Alright, off to lunch now. Nom nom!