I got the urge to write all of a sudden. I haven’t really blogged or written anything in a long while. My most recent post have been from months ago and there’s no real substance to them. They feel kind of bland. Like a really good looking cake that just tastes so-so… I dunno, I just felt like sitting on my couch and clicking my fingers on the keyboard and see what happens.

Today was a pretty alright day. I started my new job, which was actually quite alright. It was just amazing how time flies. I feel like I had just barely said goodbye to my former co-workers at Polinsky. It’s weird how I was there two years ago, at Polinsky, and now I’m back again… Not necessarily at Polinsky, but right across from it.

Even sadder, I had to say goodbye to my other coworkers from the shelter. That was really sad. You don’t expect to get so attached to a place or to people so fast, but you do. It was a bitter;sweet day for me last week on Thursday when it was my last day. On one hand I was ubber excited that I would be starting this new job. I like change, and I like a challenge. On the other hand, I was sad to leave such amazing people and such a great place to work. I really enjoyed working at the shelter. It was stressful at times, but nothing too crazy. Emotional? Yeah, but never out of hand. Good Times and good memories.

Things are going well though. I don’t know, but I needed the change I guess. I’m looking forward to these next few months. There’s a lot happening. New job this month, Pride next month, and one of my closest friends Ricky will be in for Pride (yay). Just a lot to look forward to. Which motivates me to get my ass to start working out. I’m not gonna lie, it’s fucking hard.

I’m also looking to start dating finally. I kind of had put it aside in the past for various different reasons. I personally felt like I wasn’t ready for a serious relationship. And to be completely honest, is anyone ever ready for one? There’s always something going on right, so what the hell. I don’t know. Relationships are complicated. But perhaps I think too much. I dunno. That, and you want to find someone worthy of your time. Not to say that I’m too good for someone or whatever, but like everyone, you have your choices and options of what you like and what you don’t like. Perhaps that’s the hard part of dating, always waiting for the right person to come along. Waiting for Mr. Right…. I always remember the movie The Sweetest Thing, where Christina (Cameron Diaz) tells little poor Jane (Selma Blair), “Don’t go looking for Mr. Right. Look for Mr. Right Now, and eventually that now part will just fade away…” Ok, that isn’t the exact quote, but it’s along those lines. Bleh. Mr. Right Now only wants one thing, lol.

I guess I’ve been texting/chatting with someone lately, but I don’t know. It’s fun it’s easy, and but it’s texting. I mean… It’s texting.  Bleh.

Like I said, perhaps I think too much, but sometimes I feel like some people think too little.Maybe that’s my problem though. I always see these guys throwing themselves into these relationships over the weekend. Or those guys that wear their heart on their sleeve. I don’t think I can be that guy though. They just make it look so easy. Who knows, maybe it is. Sometimes, you just have to let go.

This is something I’m learning. Not that I didn’t know this before, but lately it just makes more sense. Just let go. Things will fall into place.

The month just started, and already there’s a lot to work towards and look forward to. I can honestly say though that I am very happy with how things are going. Sure, somethings could be better, but in time I’m pretty sure things will fall into place. I think everything will be where it needs to be.

The one thing that I really need to start pushing myself is getting my ass off the couch and to the gym. It’s true. I am lazy. Bleh. I think it’s time I start changing this too. I really need to clean my apartment. Maybe I’ll tackle this tomorrow. after work… Hmm.