I read this on FB today, and I just had to set it as my title. It’s so true. Thank you Roda M.. I giggle far too much after copy/pasting stealing borrowing this awesome quote. It needs to go viral, since I know so many people that could relate.

There’s something about the year coming to an end that always gets me going. I get so annoyed by the whole New Years Resolution posts and I always want to say, fuck that… But in the end, I always end up with a resolution myself. Fuck, I never get it right. So over it right now.

Another year coming to a close and nothing. I have a sense apathy  towards everything. I’m ambivalent… Work, school, goals, desires… Ambivalence. It’s like I’ve lost an edge I used to have. My writing on paper has even mellowed out. I think I just need to be inspired.

Where does one go to find inspiration… Where does one go to find a boyfriend… Where can I find an awesome paying job… Where are the Good Times at? Bleh.

Yesterday’s conversation left me in a giggling awe too. It hit me that I haven’t been as good as I thought I had been this past year… Always better to err on the side of caution though. =D

It’s been a very chill year… I hope next year picks up. I want something more… Something new.

I think I’m just bored. Yet so, things have not been boring lately. I’ve been jotting some material here and there… But seriously, they feel like a puzzle. I just have to figure out how to piece them together… See if they look good. Oh piles of scribbles here and there, why don’t you just show me how you’re supposed to look.

Time is a tricky fucker. I always feel like I’m running out of time. I fear that if I close my eyes, February will be upon us, and nothing had been done in the passing months, and everything will be the same.

Sweep me off my feet, take me away, show me what I’ve been missing, what I’ve been afraid of…