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Oy Vey…

This hole lent thing sucks. I really want some chocolate, or a bean and cheese burrito like the one I had Sunday night! GRR!

So I finally got the inspiration to get my ass off my bed and go for a jog. I went to the park with Ace yesterday and I saw all these people running around with their dogs and I felt kind of bad because I used to do that with Ace and Jet (R.I.P), but I haven’t gotten a chance to do that anymore. Luckily though, the time has changed (yay for daylight savings time), so I should have a good hour or so after work to go for a jog with Ace and squeeze in a good workout.

Aside from work, the other thing that was keeping me from going jogging was school. I had been taking a Monday/Wednesday math class, but I ended up dropping it so now I’ll have more time. I dropped the class because I had scored pretty low on my second test and was absent for my 3rd test. I didn’t realize that the test was on the day I was absent until I looked in the schedule and realized that I had mixed up the review and actual test day dates. The only way I would’ve passed that class was if I had gotten an A++ on the last five or six tests, and there was no way that was going to happen. I’ll just have to retake it next semester.

Also, I realized that I really can’t take too many classes. It’s just too much work and I can’t focus. I used to be pretty good with time management, but now I suck at it. Bleh!

Anyways, yeah, I went for a jog around my neighborhood and I quickly realized why I had stopped. I live in Logan Heights, which is pretty much a ghetto neighborhood. As I begin my run, there is an overwhelming smell of Carne Asada burning, which doesn’t come to a surprise because there is a Mexican food place on my corner where I live. But anyway, I push through, only to reach the end of block three where I remembered that there’s another Mexican food place here too. By this time I’ve also almost tripped on Ace thanks to his feisty ass wanting to go over to some stray dog on the opposite street. Anyways, I keep going, up the street I go and reach the end of the third/fourth block where BAM, there’s the smell of Carne Asada again. Lo and behold, another Mexican food place across the street corner I’m running past. We head East now (I started from my house, headed West, turned up the street heading North) reach the park and again I almost eat it thanks to Ace wanting to go after another stray dog hanging around. GRR! The last part of my jog I decided to just walk because by now I’m pretty tired, a little annoyed and overwhelmed by the smell of meat. As we walk down the street (I’m not really paying attention because I was changing my the song on my iPod to something more catchy) Ace all of a sudden jerks me towards the direction of the Liquor store where he nearly takes a little kid’s (kid looked about 5) Tostilocos. I yanked him back just in time, but poor little kid seemed like he was frozen in fear at the sudden appearance of a dog in his face. This tiny little person, mouth all smeared and covered in hot sauce and chamoy with wide ass brown eyes full of fear, left me with a hilarious memory of today’s excursion.

I think I’m just gonna go on to Balboa park and jog there from now on (if I manage to get my ass off my bed that is). Ay, so much to do, so little time. I have to go do laundry now. Bleh!


How do I know I was successful with my new schedule? Not only did I do a pretty good job about following it (with the exception of Tuesday because that’s when I created it), I am so freaking tired. But I’ve been pretty good with following it and staying on task.

I thought I was gonna have a hard time getting up hella early in the morning because I was adjusting my schedule even more than before. I used to get up at 630-645ish, but I switched it to 530am! That’s like literally the butt-crack of dawn! It wasn’t so bad though. The biggest feat about that was just getting out of beed. I wake up to find both my dogs all snuggled up on me, so me being all work and cozy and restricted made it hard to just get up and out. I’d wake up and Jet would be right next to me and on my pillow. Yup, she takes half of my pillow and sleep on it. It’s funny because depending on my position, when I wake up if I am on my side (fetal position), we’ll be back to back, and if I’m facing up, her head will be rested on my shoulder/chest or arm. Ace usually sleeps on the floor, but lately he’s been snuggling up on  my legs or right on my ass. It is getting colder so we all benefit from snuggling up. =)

So my mornings start at 530am and I head to the gym at 545ish so that I can be there by 6. Once there I start with 15 minutes of stretching/pushups and what not, and then I move on to cardio… I want to amp it up to 30 minutes, but because of time, I’m only doing about 25 minutes right now. I do 15 minutes on the treadmill and then do 10 minutes on the bike. Next week I’m either going to do 10 minutes on the eliptical or 10 minutes on the rowing machine thingy. I wanna mix up my routine so that I don’t plateu.

The schedule has been working out pretty well though so I’m actually really happy that I did it.  Study time has been alright. I’ve been catching up on my reading so it’s not the best (especially considering I’m not the fastest reader). I find myself kind of dozing off which doesn’t help my concentration, but it’s not so bad. Plus, that little walk with the dogs has been pretty good about energizing me and giving me that extra umph.

I think I’m gonna do a little jog with them because they really enjoy it. I jogged with them yesterday and they’re doing so much better now. There’s still a little bit of tugging but they need the correction and that’s all on me. I think I’m gonna jog with them next week and see how that goes.

I’m going to take advantage of Sunday and totally focus on studying for all of my classes. I got flash cards at Wal-Mart yesterday and everything so I’m all set up. I just need to print my slides for my biopsych class and figure out the important stuff for my counseling class, so I think I’ll be all good.

I’m hoping I do even better by next week and a little less tired. Tonight is about me though. Tonight, i will drink (not too much cause I’m done with getting stupid), and tomorrow is more work. I’m thinking laundry day, oil change if I can fit it in and study time later on in the night. I wanted to clean my room and pack my DVD’s and get rid of this big ass book case that’s housing my dvd’s but I don’t think I’ll have time. It’s either I go do laundry or I do all of that cleaning. And I don’t have time on Monday to do any  of that because there was this training for work that I wanted to go to. Tsk tsk. I guess I’m going to have to tough it out and wake up early on Sunday and try to get all of that done. I do have until 545ish to finish all of that so maybe I’ll be able to get it done. We’ll see. Alright, off to lunch now. Nom nom!

With much further ado, I i present my schedule for the next three months:










6:00am Sleep In Sleep In Gym Time Gym Time Gym Time Gym Time Gym Time  
7:00am-9:00am     Breakfast/Getting Ready for Work

Listen to Biopsych Lecture on Commute

Breakfast/Getting Ready for Work

Listen to Biopsych Lecture on Commute

Breakfast/Getting Ready for Work

Listen to Counseling Lecture on Commute

Breakfast/Getting Ready for Work

Listen to U.S. History Lecture on Commute

Breakfast/Getting Ready for Work

Listen to U.S. History Lecture on Commute

9:00am-2:30pm Lunch and Free time


Chores and Errands 10:00am-1:00pm Work Work Work Work Work  
2:30pm-3:15pm Jog at the Park with

Ace and Jet


Intro To Counseling  2:20pm-5:25pm Lunch/Review Biopsych Lunch/Review





U.S. History


All 3 Class Notes

3:15pm-6:45pm Work


Listen to Lecture on commute




Listen to Lecture on commute




Listen to Lecture on commute




Listen to Lecture on commute

U.S. History



Listen to Lecture on commute

U.S. History


Study Time


U.S. History Counseling Biopsych


U.S. History





Late Snack

6:45pm-8:30pm Biopsych Class


Dinner Time

Ace & Jet’s Walk

Dinner Time

Ace & Jet’s Walk

Dinner Time

Ace & Jet’s Walk

Project Runway  
8:30pm-9:45pm Castle Revenge Grey’s Anatomy ANTM  
10:00pm-11:00pm Late Snack/TV Time Desperate Housewives Late Snack/TV Time Study Hour


Study Hour


Study Hour

U.S. History

11pm-à Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep X  


 Ta Da!

It’s like jammed packed with stuff to do…

So yeah, the next few months I’m gonna be hella busy. I’m going to have to really follow throught with my schedule though. It feels kind of tight, but there’s enough wiggle room in there so it’s not so super jammed packed. I realized after tweaking it today that I’m really not gonna have a lot of room to spend money, which is a really good thing seeing as how I should be really putting some into my savings account for when I move.

But yeah, that’s the schedule I made to try to balance my life out. There’s a little bit of me time in there and dog time too and plenty of time devoted to school which at this point is important. I’m hoping this will work and help me out with getting my grades up.

I began implementing it today and so far so good. With the exception that I’m still at work and who know’s what time I’ll get home, things have been going well. I woke up hella early today and I took my ass to the gym. Oy am I out of shape. It sucked because I only did 1.25 miles in 15 minutes. I used to do about 1.75 in about 15 minutes. But I did do an additional 10 mins on the bike so I got a pretty good work out. Hopefully I’ll get better by the end of the week.

Anyways, I’m off to follow my schedule now. HA ha!

Songs of the Momment

Florence + The Machine – I’m Not Calling You A Liar

So I was so tired yesterday that I pretty much bitched away my night and documented a good part of it in my previous post. I decided to do something about, thus a schedule was born. I wish I had e-mailed it to me so that I could’ve posted it on here. I think I’ll do that tomorrow at work. I dunno, I feel really good about it. I know things don’t always go according to plan, but seeing as how things have been very bleak for me lately, I anticipate that I will not have a hard time following it.

However, I can’t anticipate life’s curve balls, so I will really try my best to follow it. Overall though, I think it’s pretty balanced. There’s a good amount of me time for what I want to do, and plenty of time for studying outside of school. I had forgotten to incorporate my dogs on my first draft so I fitted them on there for the second one. After it was completed I felt pretty bad on how I’m not wit them as much as I would like, but I’m not counting certain times like when they’re inside just lounging and hanging out and I’m doing other things like watching a show or playing a game. That’s more like our living together time. I meant time for them like going for a walk or a jog or taking them to the park for a jog or the dog beach which they really enjoy. I can’t really take them to the beach anymore since the season has changed, and as for the walks, I’m not to eager to take them out for a long walk considering my neighborhood. Still, I would be walking with both of them so I do feel a little safer than say if I were by myself.

Also, there’s activity not just with the mutts, but I’ve incorporated gym time. Albeit, it’s hella early in the morning, but I really need to get my ass to the gym sometime during the week and the only way to incorporate actual fitness time was hella early before work. Going for a walk and or a jog with the dogs can be a workout, but it’s not a high intensity workout that my body needs to achieve some form of weight loss and change in definition. I really want to loose this excess fat I have around my mid-section and start working out my ass. I swear I feel like I’ve lost the plumpness of my ass!

I mentioned earlier something about watching a show or playing a game, and yes, I did incorporate such time in my schedule for just me. I have to be honest, I am selfish, and I need some me time. It’s hard because I really don’t have a lot of time in a day for much of anything. I’m literally squeezing gym time, dog time, study time, me time and some form of eating in there somewhere in 5 hours! How many of you can do that in a five day week and still have time to mange some form of sanity and negate the effects of “burning out”? Do keep in mind that I’m taking 3 classes worth 9 units total, and they’re not easy classes (Introduction to Counseling, U.S. History and Biopsycology)… It’s hard!

After yesterday I had to admit that I felt really overwhelmed. It would be great to just throw in the towel and drop my classes and lounge around, but where would that get me? I’m tired of being stuck in this limbo of not moving forward. I seriously need to just keep on trucking and if I fall down and get a bad grade on a quiz, oh well, work harder and keep on going and study for a better grade. At this point I have no other choice but to literally get A’s on all of my up coming projects and quizzes. I’m not a quitter and I really need to figure out how to successfully fight this battle.

I’ll try to upload or copy/paste my schedule up here tomorrow. At this point I’m violating my time because I should be in bed but oh well, as I said, I can’t predict everything. And although it’s not on the schedule, I’m wanting to get back to my writing (hence the resume of my blog). I always had a good rush of ideas and inspiration when writing so I’m hoping this will liven up my spirit.

I think having the schedule will definitely help me stay on track and keep me there. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t really have much time for anything and it should sit as a good reminder to stop trying to make other stuff happen.  I won’t delve into what “other stuff” means, but just know that whatever it is, I literally have no time for it.

In other news, I’ve been listening to Florence + The Machine and I have to say that I’ve found a new love in tunes. Love me the Florence + The Machine. So many good songs and I’m looking forward to the new album out in November! I had recently downloaded a bunch of new songs so I’ll just jot them down in the beginning. I used to do that with my journal entries in the past (my private journal entries, lol), where I would post at the top of my entry the current songs of the moment so I think I’m gonna start doing that with this too. Instead of starting my post wit the name of the songs and artist, I’m just gonna jot them down at the bottom of the post so that my thoughts don’t begin with music as a thought but rather an actually thought or struggle or however I might be feeling that particular day. I’ll just close with the song or songs of the moment. Perhaps then there might be a better understanding of how my brain is wired. Whatev! I’m tired so it’s time for mimi!

Song of the moment

Florence + The Machine: What the Water Gave Me, Swimming, Howl, Kiss With a Fist, Cosmic Love (and then some)
Metric: Black Sheep
Foster the People: Pumped Up Kicks
Paul Okenfold Feat. Etc.(?): Starry Eyed Suprise
J.Lo: On The Floor (this is my booty workout fitness song, lol)

I went back to the gym, and boy did it hit me on how out of shape I got. Back in March of 2010, I managed to get my weight and down to 150 and my jean size to 29… Now, I’m up some 15 pounds, but luckily, I still fit into my 30’s but I’m staying away from the 29’s! Grrr.

So yeah, I took my heffa ass to the gym today. I’m going to focus on cardio. I went on the treadmill for 25 minutes, and man did that suck. I had gotten my mile down to 8 minutes, but today, I finished my mile in 10:16! Balls! Before, I was able to do 2.7 miles in 25 minutes, but today, 2 miles! BLEH! My goal for the month. Try to go down some 5 (or 8) pounds and bring my mile down from 10 minutes to 9 minutes.

And, I really need to cut back on all that crap I’ve been eating. Which means, no more Venti Non-Fat Peppermint Mocha. Sure, it’s non-fat, but that bitch is still loaded with a whole lot of calories and sugar. Don’t let the “non-fat” fool you. I get it still because really, it’s like a treat for me.

No more treats for me from now on. It’s time to be strict on myself and cut back on the sugar candy sweets chocolate Sweets! I think I’ve had enough and really, it’s time to get my arse back in shape. Oy Vey, let’s see how I do. I’ll definitely be writing about it though. Hmm, maybe this will help after all? 🙂

Ah, I am tired… Still, I’m making the effort of making it to the gym. I need to bring my BMI down! I really do want to bring it down to 22. I’m not that far off, I’m at about 25.55 right now. Still, it’s hard working out sometimes.

My legs feel tired, my calves ache when I’m running and I’ve been getting that fat cramp. I’ve been doing pretty good with my food intake however. At least I think I am. I’m trying to eat healthy and lite so in that aspect it’s going well. Breakfast, lunch and a lite dinner, it’s all good.

Sleep on the other hand is not coming that easily. I’ve been staying up late and I don’t fall asleep that easily. It sucks because it results in me not getting enough sleep and waking up tired. I don’t feel that rested and as I’m writing, my eyes are tired and drowsy. Perhaps it doesn’t help that I go to the gym late at night as I know exercise can pump you up and get you going, but that’s usually the best time for me, and it’s less crowded.

I’m still working at it though and I am not going to quit. I will loose my fat eventually.

In other news, I finally got my phone and I am loving it. It’s cute, it’s compact, the pictures are clear, the text is pretty good, and I can watch shows on it! AWESOME! Loves It. The QWERTY keypad is taking me some time to get used to it, considering I had the wider keypad with the Ocean, but it’s working out ok. I need to start snapping some pics on the phone and posting them online to see how they look.

Alright… I think that’s it for now…

It’s true. There’s always something… Or someone! Ugh… It’s annoying that I always get all wrapped up in these romantical situations… The most annoying part is that I care! Ok, ok… So I’m not all wrapped up in them, but I do care about it, which annoys me. And I don’t like being annoyed. Which is why I’m annoyed by romatical situations… I care, and I get annoyed because I care of such frivolous things! GRRR! But are they… Is it bad to care about such things! BLEH! It’s annoying! Perhaps the situation is just annoying! Ha ha, I’m obviously bothered by it since I’m writing about it… Grr!

Which is why I decided to focus on my stuff… I know I’ve said that I was going to do it in the past, but I just haven’t gotten around it. I’ve been pretty busy! Work, school, social life… It’s sometimes busy trying to balance all three out. I manage, but I don’t make time for the other things! The one that I leave out is the whole physical activity thing! I haven’t been active in a while! Which is why I’m starting up again today!

I told myself that I was going to challenge myself to do this. I like a challenge! So I need to do this… But I want to do this too! My goal: to be at a good physical fitness level. I’ve been really bad with it.

I went running a while ago, but I couldn’t keep up! I got winded pretty quickly, tired and out of breath! My muscles weren’t sore though which was good… I do stretch, but I haven’t stretched as often as I used to… But I’m starting up again!

The plan, I want get better in my physical fitness… So, I’m starting up by running, doing some lite workouts here at work and at home, but I’m going to amp it up. The truth is, I want to see results! There’s an overall goal in mind, but it’s more of a two year plan! I just want to be in good shape by the end of the year… I had made it a new years resolution to drop down in weight, but I’m changing my goal to just try to be more physically healthy and active… But I still do want to drop down in weight! I’ve been doing pretty good with the weight thing, but I want more change! I’ve been fluctuating between 150 and 155… I want to go down to 140… I know a lot of people think that it’s a very low number, but I want to go down to 140 so that I can burn all my fat! I want to get rid of the fat then start on building lean muscle! An overall goal is to eventually start rock climbing!

I went rock climbing when I was in high school one time and it was amazing! To challenge my body like… To use my brain to think of where to go next, then use all the muscles in my body to climb! It was an amazing feeling! I did pretty good, but I was only able to climb one rock wall, the other one was too hard! And at the time, I was very heavy still… It was in high school so I weighed like 185 back then!

Oh, and I was cracking up the other day because I was looking at my ID and they added like 20 pounds to it… So according to my CA ID, I weigh 175! HA!

Yeah, I’m hoping I do well with my challenge! I’ll need to work it into my schedule once school starts, but until then, I have plenty of time to start getting my body and lungs used to running! I used to do it all the time, so I just need to re-learn how to breathe and pace myself when I run! I want to work on my mile time too! The best mile I eve did was back from high school! It was like 8:30! But that was a long time ago! The best mile I’ve done, it was last year, was 11:25! So I want to go back to that, even though it’s not close to the one from high school, but I’m pacing myself! We’ll see!

But yeah, focus more on the goals and less on the game and the romatical issues! I’m just going to put all of that into a little box and just put it away! It doesn’t mean that I won’t deal with that stuff, but it just means that I’ll put it aside for now! Besides, I’m in no hurry for anything, and I do have to set my priorities straight! Yeah… The game! Sometimes it’s just a game, other times… Well, y’all get the picture!

Oh Blog of mine, I have neglected you so… So much has gone down since I last wrote… Conquests and booze and then some! Ah yes, it has been debaucherous!

But as luck would have, shit hit the fan for me! Financially… I got screwed again. I always get screwed. I’m not lucky at all… Actually, I lie, I’ve been pretty lucky. I’m usually a very lucky person, but this past year, I haven’t been so lucky. I am so financially crippled right now. My only hope is winning the lottery, and seeing how my luck is, I don’t think I’ll be as lucky.

But life goes on… I’ve adopted the saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade…” So I am making lemonade. I’m going with the flow. I am tired of bringing myself down and being sad and angry about all the stupid shit going on in my life. I’m 23 god damn it and I’m going to enjoy my 23rd year.

In other news, I started my Intro To Creative Writing Class… So far I like it. The view is pretty nice too! HA ha! But yeah, it is a good class. I need to start reading more. I actually have a few books from the library, but I haven’t started reading some of them. I need to finish them before I turn them in.

Also, I’ve decided to go into Nursing… Yeah, I know. I think it would be a wise career move for me. But I don’t want to be a boring nurse, I want excitement and gore, so I’m aiming to be a Trauma Nurse. How cool would that be, to work in an ER and treat gunshot wounds and all that other stuff.

More details to come on what’s been going on. I just wanted to write a little bit before I went to bed.

Life is sucking right now, but it’s not that bad, and like they say, it could always be worse. I hope it doesn’t go in that direction. But, like a lot of things right now, it’s out of my control. So I’m going with the flow, taking it day by day. I’m making lemonade!

Oh yeah, weight and shit… Since I’ve been writing about that a lot… Fluctuating still between 150 and 155! Grr, why can’t I fluctuate between 145 and 150… I went running with Ricky yesterday… Man, I hadn’t run in a while. So out of shape! We’re gonna go again on Saturday and hopefully keep a routine going. I’ll try to write more aboout it too. But yeah, I was tired yesterday… And my fucking calves kind of hurt. Not that bad, but they are pretty sore… Grr! At least I’ve been eating kind of healthy… Kind of! Whatever, I want a bowl of cereal now! Loves It!

Oh yeah, I dyed my hair black! I went Black to Black! LOL!

Hells Yeah Bitches! I’m at 149….


Ha ha… So last night was quite interesting though! And, I was called “Skinny” twice, which is not something I fish for or whatever, but just to know that what I’m doing is working is freaking awesome! One of my friends, who used to be in prety good shape but has gained quite a lot of weight since he got a boyfriend, was asking me, what’s your secret?

I told him honestly, no secret… I try to watch what I eat, I tend to be pretty strict on my ass and I am always working out…. I don’t do a lot of cardio, but I try to and I do walk all over the place!

Oh yeah, so I rode my bike to Balboa Park from my house the other day, it’s probably like a mile and a half ride, and then I ran at the park! It was awesome… I was so tired by the time I came home, but I managed and handled it so that was cool!

But omg, last night, so much booze… Lots and lots of booze! But I got to hang with friends so that was cool! Grr, I haven’t eaten, but I might later! I have a date tonight! LOL! Ok, no more details until laters! I’m off now!

I’ve been neglectful in posting pics… No, I shall not grace my blog again with another pic of Jonathon… I will however, share a picture of Salome!

Ok, It’s taking me a while to upload her pic… But I really like the pic I will share with y’all… I think it’s a really good one! Ha!

But yeah… I ended up finding a pic in my phone from when we went out on Saturday… I don’t remember if I was even sly about takin git but not that it matters! It’s a freaking club… People are snapping pics with their cell phones all the time…

I was taking a pic of the bartender so maybe that’s how it’s a little different! LOL!

You can’t really tell though… I took it with my camera phone so it’s going to be a crapy pic! But hey, at least I snapped it.

I didn’t even drink that much, but for some reason I don’t even remember this…

I stumbled upon it when I was bored again at work and so I decided to take some pics with my phone! I had pseudo passed out though before that so I took a pic of me laying on my desk being a lazy bum! This is what happens for staying up late in the night chatting with boys!

Ok, I wasn’t really up that late… I went to bed at like around one… But woke up freakishly early… Ok ok, like 20 minutes before my alarm was supposed to ring… But still, why wake up when I’m not supposed to!

The weird thing was, as I was laying there wondering why I woke up so early, my fan that was rotating and blowing air in one direction of the room all of a sudden turned off! Why, I dunno not know… But it freaked me out! Especially considering that I had been watching The Exorcist with Said last night before bed time! I had nevery really seen the full movie, just bits and pieces, and yeah, it’s creepy! Eeshk!

But anyways, I had a gluttonous day yesterday! So bad! Ok, not bad really, I just ate too damn much! Breakfast was chill, I had a coffee (I know, naughty!) and one pancake… Which, I don’t even like pancakes, but I ate it because I’m a heifer like that! It was there and I dunno, I just ate it!

Lunch was filling, I had some pasta with like some sort of tomato sauce, veggies and sliced potato wedges… And fruit! It was alright, but the pasta was too greasy… As it always is with food from work!

Dinner though, I ate CHINESE FOOD! I just craved it and I really wanted some so I went and took my fat ass to go get me some! Ha ha! At least I walked home from the Chinese food place so that made me feel a little less guilty! Tofu and Broccoli with rice and noodles is awesome! Yummey! It was soo good! That good in fact that I ate all of it!

I should’ve saved some for today, but I just ate it! Bleh! And I wonder why I ain’t loosing the last five pounds I wanna! Whatever!

I did do some lite workouts today! I found some bricks here at work so I used them as weights… They each only weight about 6 or 7 pounds, but meh, adds resistance… That was before my walk, which I took a 20 minute one, down the hill and up the hill! I got tired afteward!

Anywyas, the othe rthing I was gonna add was that I downloaded some new songs! Actually, they’re not really new just newly discovered for me! The first one I had already downloaded and converted to format in my iTunes, but I hadn’t updated my iPod so I hadn’t heard it in a while… It’s called Bruises by Chairlift.

The other one is My Immortal by Evanescence! I hadn’t really fully heard the song, but I know I had heard it before… I like it! I first heard it in a Naruto AMV, so here’s where I had first heard it… By the way, I really like that Haku/Zabuza storyline!

Anyways, I’m gonna finish my work… Ha!

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