This hole lent thing sucks. I really want some chocolate, or a bean and cheese burrito like the one I had Sunday night! GRR!

So I finally got the inspiration to get my ass off my bed and go for a jog. I went to the park with Ace yesterday and I saw all these people running around with their dogs and I felt kind of bad because I used to do that with Ace and Jet (R.I.P), but I haven’t gotten a chance to do that anymore. Luckily though, the time has changed (yay for daylight savings time), so I should have a good hour or so after work to go for a jog with Ace and squeeze in a good workout.

Aside from work, the other thing that was keeping me from going jogging was school. I had been taking a Monday/Wednesday math class, but I ended up dropping it so now I’ll have more time. I dropped the class because I had scored pretty low on my second test and was absent for my 3rd test. I didn’t realize that the test was on the day I was absent until I looked in the schedule and realized that I had mixed up the review and actual test day dates. The only way I would’ve passed that class was if I had gotten an A++ on the last five or six tests, and there was no way that was going to happen. I’ll just have to retake it next semester.

Also, I realized that I really can’t take too many classes. It’s just too much work and I can’t focus. I used to be pretty good with time management, but now I suck at it. Bleh!

Anyways, yeah, I went for a jog around my neighborhood and I quickly realized why I had stopped. I live in Logan Heights, which is pretty much a ghetto neighborhood. As I begin my run, there is an overwhelming smell of Carne Asada burning, which doesn’t come to a surprise because there is a Mexican food place on my corner where I live. But anyway, I push through, only to reach the end of block three where I remembered that there’s another Mexican food place here too. By this time I’ve also almost tripped on Ace thanks to his feisty ass wanting to go over to some stray dog on the opposite street. Anyways, I keep going, up the street I go and reach the end of the third/fourth block where BAM, there’s the smell of Carne Asada again. Lo and behold, another Mexican food place across the street corner I’m running past. We head East now (I started from my house, headed West, turned up the street heading North) reach the park and again I almost eat it thanks to Ace wanting to go after another stray dog hanging around. GRR! The last part of my jog I decided to just walk because by now I’m pretty tired, a little annoyed and overwhelmed by the smell of meat. As we walk down the street (I’m not really paying attention because I was changing my the song on my iPod to something more catchy) Ace all of a sudden jerks me towards the direction of the Liquor store where he nearly takes a little kid’s (kid looked about 5) Tostilocos. I yanked him back just in time, but poor little kid seemed like he was frozen in fear at the sudden appearance of a dog in his face. This tiny little person, mouth all smeared and covered in hot sauce and chamoy with wide ass brown eyes full of fear, left me with a hilarious memory of today’s excursion.

I think I’m just gonna go on to Balboa park and jog there from now on (if I manage to get my ass off my bed that is). Ay, so much to do, so little time. I have to go do laundry now. Bleh!