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I Need A Vacation… =)

Need a little sun to break up all the frustration
And turn it into love
Ain’t nobody gonna tell us what we gonna do
Because today, it’s up to you
Temptation comin’ up to me
A little relaxation and I’ll be great to be
Come on and weeky weeky loo at the
It’s gonna start now
Kick it back , kick it back, kick it back to the track
Kick it back, kick it back, kick it back to the max

Vacation’s where I wanna be
Party on the beach where the fun is free
We don’t need a holiday, it’s time to celebrate

‘Cause I need a break, I need a vacation

Need to get me some and drive out all my complications
And turn them into love
Ain’t nobody gonna tell us where we gonna be
Because today, today it’s you and me

Vacation’s what I wanna do
Party on the beach, fun for me and you
We don’t need a holiday, it’s time to celebrate

Repeat after me, “I need a vacation.” 

Let’s go!
I wanna be where the fun is free
So come with me

‘Cause I need a break, I need a vacation

Repeat after me, “I need a vacation.”

(I need a) Vacation
(Come on and) Vacation
(I need a) Vacation
(Come on) Vacation
Let’s go

‘Cause I need a break, I need a vacation


It’s like a limbo… A routine of the same thing, over and over. Yet, it’s the middle of the year now. It’s like time just breezed on by. It feels like it went by slow and steady, yet as fast as an unexpected gale. It’s been a whole year since I’ve been home too and I’m really looking forward to getting out and finding my own place again. Of course, now I’m 2 more than when I arrived, which will make finding a place all that much harder. If only I could just win the lottery. That would just make everything much more easier. If I won, I’d totally buy a house and probably go to school full time! That would be pretty Freaking AWESOME!!!

I have to admit though, that by acquiring my two little terrors bundles of joy, I have made things a little bit harder for me to try and find a place to live. If they were small dogs, then it probably wouldn’t be so bad. The thing is, they’re medium sized dogs. Jet is pretty petite for her medium size. She is in the 30-35 pound range though! My Chunky butt is is the one that worries me a little though. For one he’s a terrier, which those little fuckers can be pretty yappy. He’s not a small terrier though. He’s gonna be 9 months at the end of June and he’s already 45 pounds or more! He’s not a chunky dog, he’s just hefty! And I swear I am not over feeding him. He’s getting puppy food still and I only give him 2 cups. He’s on a feeding schedule, so he gets one cup in the morning and one cup in the afternoon. Some of the weight charts suggest that he should be getting from 3 to 4 cups, but I don’t want him turning into a really big chunky butt! I also wonder if he’s gonna get any bigger? He’s not that tall, he’s almost as tall as Jet, and she goes to a little above my knee.

Jet on the other hand is quite slender. I’m wondering if maybe Ace is eating her food and letting her starve? Maybe that’s why she’s all slender and petite. But I’ve seen her eat so I know she does eat her food. She’s my good girl. She’s well behaved and is pretty good when it comes to commands. My worry about her is that she’s a little bit of a scaredy cat… Err, dog! She scares easily and it’s somewhat of a concern. She’s getting better but still… They’re good dogs overall, so I shouldn’t have a problem with them and finding an apartment or whatever. I’m just worried that I would disqualify me! Grr. I’m hoping that if I make a little doggy resume might help.

I’m thinking that maybe by the end of the year things would be good and I should have enough saved up to move out. The only thing would be that I would need to have like three times the amount of rent. It would have to be 1st month’s rent, deposit and dog deposit. That’s a lot of money! BLEH!

Anyways, I’ve been talking a lot of cutesy little pictures. Like the cute Little Duckie at work today or the one of the White Lilies. So pretty. I’m thinking I’m gonna want to start blogging again about the random stuff and probably take more pictures. Maybe. I know I probably won’t keep up with it but we’ll see.

In other news, I’ve been thinking about taking up violin lessons. It’s actually doesn’t seem like it would be too expensive but maybe right now it’s not the best time. I really need to focus better on getting out of here and trying to find a good place for me and my dogs. If I did take up the Violin lessons, it would probably be like around $180 a month, but probably a little less. It would consist of four lessons a month and I would also need to provide my own violin. I looked online and they’re not that expensive for a beginner violin, around $250 or so.

I’m just looking into trying something new because I need to change it up. I’ve had some change already this past year but I think I need a little more. Something new for sure. Things to be going at a pretty steady pace lately yet it’s already the middle of the year. Maybe I’ll try to do more things for summer. Which sucks because it’s just around the corner and I wanted to be in tip top shape by summer time! Sucks. I’ve been lagging it with working out and eating healthy. I’ve been eating healthy, but been taking some liberties with nutrition every so often. I’ve been doing good with working out, but I am so tired lately too that I don’t even want to go some days. Like tonight. I am so tired. I know I should go, but I really want to stay home and pass out! I might just do that, but Grr, I’d be lagging it again. I don’t know what to do? BLEH.

Also, I really need to start writing my ideas down for a “book” I’ve been working on in my head. It’s a matter of just writing it down every so often. I don’t know if I want to write it down on paper first and then transfer it to a word document, or just have a word document set up. I definitely need to have a rough draft first of everything. And I need to brainstorm and put my ideas together.

There’s so much to do and I feel like there’s so little time to do it in. Why do I always feel like that. I like the slow and steady, yet at the same time I want to rush things and just get through it. I dunno. I’m a little lost right now. I need to figure out what my next step is.

Let this rant and bitchin’ begin:

Had a long day at work. It was person after person. As if there wasn’t enough in my head to keep me occupied (those intense silly thoughts that go in and out), I had the awesome task of multitasking this and that. I swear to JC, sometimes people get stupider as the day progresses. Luckily, it wasn’t one of those days. Okay questions and simple tasks here and there. Just a butt (ha ha, butt) load of work. I had the awesome chance and opportunity to use the skills that are so nicely printed on my resume, the wonderfully balanced art of multitasking! I got to answer question, help out someone with an adoption, all while holding a phone to my ear, my walkie-talky in one hand and the stapler in the other, while trying to clear my mind of the various thoughts that enter my mind (kisses, where is my red underwear, I need to loose those extra pounds, do I want Subway or just chips, where the heck are my new headphones, what show can I catch up on, that is one good looking DILF, when can I kiss “him” again, I need chap stick, do I have enough food for the dogs to last me until next next payday, I don’t want to wake up early tomorrow, shit, I forgot to put this dog on Adoption Exam)!

Closing time came and went and I was still in my computer trying to figure out why the hell this person had two Person ID’s (program lingo), thinking in my head, “so, your ex-wife right? :-)” and trying to not piss off my Lieutenant by making a rookie mistake! GRR. Finished all the additional stuff we needed to take care of for the following day, because of course we are going to be doing overtime on a Sunday and I have to be at work at 745am! To add the cherry on top of this wonderfully delicious Sunday Saturday, I walk to my car all happy to be off and I see my little hatch back looking a little flop sided. On closer inspection, the back right tire is flat and I now have to change it and put in the spare. My hands are dirty, my face is oily, I’m on my knees (not the fun kind), I’m a little tired and annoyed, but continue on to change my tire! Mission accomplished, it is now 7:15pm and I’m now on my way home, ETA, 800pm? Surprisingly enough, 745ish! I like it fast I’m a little speed demon 🙂

I now have a flat tire in the back of my car, rolling around in the donut, I have no money to buy a new tire, my car is in serious need of an alignment, not to mention that damn oil change and an additional two new tires, because let’s face it, It’s only going to get worse. Sink or swim Luis, sink or swim…

It’s all good though, because as I see over these next few months, I’ll have to make those adult decisions where I decide to get a new tire instead of a Vodka Soda. I will get that oil change instead of those Gucci prescription sunglasses I had been wanting to get for the summer. I will get that alignment and say goodbye to a summer trip to Disneyland (who wants to stand in line for a ride on a hot ass summer day anyone?…)! I will not indulge in that Veggie Burger and Vegan Chili Cheese Fries, Subway, Togo’s and all those other Vegetarian friendly fast food joints and get that other tire that I need, and maybe, just maybe loose those extra pounds by sticking to my (unfortunately simple yet satisfying) diet of cereal and sandwiches…

Yeah, I’m not stressed… It really sounds like a lot. And it is. I get it. But I’m not stressed. I’m not freaking out. I’m not yelling at the top of my lungs, or ripping apart my pillows. I’m cool, I’m calm, I’m collected. I’m listening to my tunes, petting my dogs, hitting the treadmill and looking forward to tomorrow, with hopes that it is a better day. There’s good things to look forward too. There are some good stuff happening. And if it doesn’t happen, then tomorrow is another day. I’m not obsessing, I’m not being compulsively anal and overly critical or a freak. It is what it is, and regardless of the series of unfortunate events, all is good. I have everything under control. I’m gonna go stuff myself with food now and eat my feelings! Ha ha, just kidding. I really have to pee though… =)

I had one of the most fun weekends… It was long, it was drunk and it was so random most of the time… It’s almost as if it has been a dream. A really nice, fun drunken dream at that, but just so fun…

So I guess it started Friday… Went out, me Ricky and Betty to the bar. Got a few drinks and hanged out. I guess it was like the pre-pride weekend hangout. BBut yeah, we had a good time. I got pretty drunk. We got ourselves some food, got home ate and then eventually I passed out after Betty left. Didn’t go to bed till like 3ish or maybe four!

Woke up the next morning at like 940ish. Ricky wanted me to start getting ready because the Pride Parade started at 11. I’d never been to the pride parade before so I was excited and anxious to go. So we got ready and walked over.

It was hellah hot… I was hot, but found a nice spot with shade where there was a good breeze blowing… There was a lot of people there too. OMG, there was a lot of people at pride so many gorgeous looking people!

But yeah, I liked the parade, it was rather fun… I liked a lot of the messages I saw. I snapped some pictures which are located on my Myspace so check them out.

But anyways, we later on met up with a friend of Ricky’s so we went to look for him. When we found him we were just watching the floats and hanging out and chit chatting. Then some other guys came, friends of the guy and invited us over to their pad because they had more booze. So we went over… Got ourselves some drinks and hanged out. It was cool! We later went back to the parade and walked around. As it started to die down we figured we would take off because both me and Ricky didn’t really have much money. So as we were walking away I saw Junior so he hugged me hi and introduced me to two of his friends, Gerardo and Ace… I wouldn’t know this until Sunday day that Gerardo is quite an awesome young guy, but more of that later…

Anways, we said our hi’s and goodbyes and as we walked a few paces forward the friends of the guy we were with spotted us and invited us over to the house again because they were having a little party, so of course we went… When we arrived, a few minutes later, Junior and his friends showed up, small world, so we all had a great time with each other….

We all had a good time, but I immediately got distracted by someone… Caught my eye and I was just drawned to this person. But anyway, we were later invited to a second party nearby, so we all made our drinks and walked on over to the second party. And yeah, the second party was really chill and fun too… The host was really nice and had a real cute apartment.  It was in this party that I decided to go after what I wanted which was the person who had caught my eye earlier… At first it was a challenge because there was someone around talking to him, but I manage to steal his attention to me and it turned out to be a pretty good thing. We talked all day and most of the night on Saturday…

Then, we went to Encinitas to kick it with Kelly and Evy and he came with us too… Like always, had a blast with the girls, and Evy met some guy at the bar… Oh and I broke Kelly’s towel bar in her bathroom… But I swear it was PG-13 in there… Lol!

But yeah… Sunday came and it was chill… Went to a hotel where Junior and his frirend Gerardo were at so me and Ricky went over. So yeah, it was chill… Talked to Gerardo almost the whole time I was there… But yeah, we ended up hanging out afterwards. Everyone was gonna go to the festival, but I didn’t have money so I decided to take off. Gerardo didn’t want to go, but he didn’t want to go home yet so we went to go get some food and talked the rest of the time he was here… Overall, it was a nice day.

It was such a great weekend. But I’m ready to come back to reality… It was a fun weekend, but yeah, I’m ready to return to normal… So yeah, I’ll hold to the memories though… And I have pics on my myspace.

Just had to share this… It’s about bloody time somebody said this… And although the Prez directed this towards an African-American audience on Jul. 16, at the 100th Anniversary celebration of the NAACP, I feel that it can apply to a lot of people… All sorts of different cultures… Personally for me, in Hispanic-American cultures and families…

“We need a new mindset, a new set of attitueds – – because onf of the most durable and destructive legacies of discrimination is the way that we have internalized a sense of limitation; how so many in our community have come to expect so little of ourselves.”

“What is required to overcome today’s barriers is the same as was needed then – – the same commitment. the same sense of urgency. The same sense of sacrifice.”

“Oour kids can’t all aspire to be the next LeBron or Lil Wayne. I want them aspiring to be scientists and engineers, doctors and teachers, not just ballers and rappers. I want them aspiring to be a Supreme Court Justice. I want them aspiring to be president of the United States.”

“That mother of mine game me love; she pushed me, and cared about my education… She took no lip and taught me right from wrong. BEcause of her, I had a chance to make the most of my abilities. I had the chance to make the most of my opportunities. I had a chance to make the most of my life.”

The lats quote echos my upbringing. In a different way. My mom was there for me, always pushing me, but pushing me in a way that was more of a psychological type warfare than litterally, physically pushing me to do good. She had her way of making me work hard for what I wanted without having to urge me to do so. It’s as if she picked her words carefully with me…

Anyways, this just stood out for me and I really liked it. Taken from Yahoo News…

Things are good… I don’t have anything interesting to say other than things are pretty good! I have this song in my head right now so I’m going to share it, ha ha! But yeah, other than that, things are good! LOL!

Bionic Eyes by Liz Phair

I love my bionic eyes
I love my crystal vision
If there’s anybody out there
Baby I’m not gonna miss ’em

I watch the years go by
These are the same old guys I never had any use for
Beyond the feeling of pleasure
Or the thrill of the fight

I scored again last night
I said thanks for the drinks, nice party
Then I turned out the light

I’ve got timing and attitude
That can get to the baddest dude
That’s when I hypnotize them
With my bionic eyes

As I got older I had to step out of the lines
And make up my own mind
As I got light as a feather they got stiff as a board
I can’t feel any more, but I can fake it forever

It’s easy in the beginning
When I can dazzle them
All night
Make ’em do what you wan’ ’em to
Get ’em running after you
It’s just the same old guys
Wearing the same old ties

As I got older I had to step out of the lines
And make up my own mind
As I got light as a feather they got stiff as a board
I can’t feel any more, but I can fake it forever

I love my bionic eyes
I love my bionic eyes
I love my bionic eyes

If there’s a parallel nation
And I’m a secret weapon
Show me a man you cannot break
And I will show you heaven

As I got older I had to step out of the lines
And make up my own mind
As I got light as a feather they got stiff as a board
I can’t feel any more, but I can fake it forever


Oh My Gosh! Ha Ha! What Tonight brought me was completely random! Random on so many levels! And the best part, I’m fucking awesome, and the only thing I can really think about is eating my Veggie Omlette with Hash Browns and an English Muffin! AWESOME!


Fuck, We Be Crunk!

Holy shit, we are as shit faced as we can get… And we are still going out! Kelly got her drunk ass face on the floor and bitch got her faced bruised! I wasn’t the one that slapped her this time! Ha ha! OMG, it is crunkness of a good time! I LOVES IT! Who wants to come!

Turd! And Loves It! Oh yeah, Double End Dong! God damn, I love tonight’s conversation!!!

Alright lovers, I will talk to you all about concrete legit shit soon! For now, I’m gonna booze it up! Loves You guys! Keep on reading ok! It can only get worse than it is now and you all know you want to hear about it! Ha ha, you know you love me, XO XO, Gossip Boy!


I hate it when people have this very holy-er than thou persona! It just annoys me! And then for them to say that when other people pass judgement that those people are very self hating/self loathing and that they hate themselves and that they don’t love themselves and all this other bull shit! I just wanted to get up and punch that guy in the face. And then, he had the nerve to add and say that if you judge people that you don’t love yourselve and that he could never love someone who doesn’t love themselves! GRR! I fucking hate that guy! He was just a speaker at a meeting of mine! Whatever!

For whatever reason though, whatever he said just got to me and I was so frustrated and annoyed yestereday! Didn’t really know how to deal with it though… I vented with Said and Ricky, but it wasn’t enough. So I went out with Ricky for drinks! I figure, what the hell, I’m just gonna booze it up and let it all go!

In the end it was a good thing! I had fun last night! Alcohol makes you do crazy things, but I won’t get into it! Nothing too hectic, just a regular day at the bar for me! HA HA!

But yeah, I’m not so annoyed right now! I’m just over it! SO Over It! And I’m quite glad to! I love change! Moving on to new things is awesome! Ha ha, I sound so fake right now, but believe me when I say that I’m over all this bull shit that’s happening! I just wanna live, make the right choices and have fun! All with being healthy in the process too though! LOL!

I’m going back to taking a nap! GRR!

When they’re fucked up drunk! LMAO!

I have no real recollection of writing my blog last night! But I guess I did! Ha ha! Oh my, I’m crackng up as I write! That blog I think was much more honest than a lot of my blogs! Kind of! Interesting! Ha ha! LOL!

But yeah, I got fucked up last night! I think I drank a lot! Well duh! But I’m not sure how much I drank that’s the thing! I think I had like 10 or 12 drinks! I did have food in my system though so that’s cool! It was salad and soup though! I did it cheesy bread and a baked potato! So yeah, carbs were in there!

Ha ha! I’m not even going to comment on the new blog and just move on!

I have nothing to move on to… So I think I’ll stop writing now, thanks!


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